Catalyst Summer Internship helps unpaid interns

By Mason Osgood ’17

The Trinity College Career Development Center (CDC) recently debuted a new internship grant program called the Catalyst Summer Internship Program which offers opportunities for career advancement and leadership development. This program offers $3,500 in grants to eligible students with a summer internship. The CDC views this as an excellent opportunity for students who are pursuing summer internships that are low-income or unpaid for them to be provided with financial support.

The Catalyst Internship requires students to obtain a summer internship that enables them to “make intellectual and practical connections between skills/knowledge developed through a liberal arts education and skills/knowledge required for a particular career.”

The outside internship must be through a single employer and the student must work full time throughout the summer. By applying through the CDC, they require a cover letter explaining what one hopes to gain from the internship and the skills they are seeking to gain. Students who have attended previous CDC career seminars such as the Sophomore Success program are given preference. That being said, the internship program is looking for highly motivated students interested in preparing themselves for professional development.

This internship is not only helping to provide students with money throughout the summer, it is also about professional development. Catalyst Interns will be paired with a Summer Catalyst Coach from the Trinity CDC staff. The coach will meet regularly to discuss the progress of the outside internship as well as providing opportunities for professional development. Catalyst interns are also required to attend later career seminars following the summer of their internship to continue to develop their professional skills.

Applications for the internship open Apr. 8 at 12pm as well as information sessions being held Mar. 8 at 12:15pm and Mar. 9 at 4:30 in the CDC office. This internship is perfect for a student who wants an unpaid summer internship yet needs some extra income and career support. The Catalyst Internship will not only act as a supplement to one’s existing internship but it will also provide a mentor for professional development and open discussions on the student’s future.

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