Changes in Campus Safety Structure Finalized

By Chris Bulfinch ’18
News Editor
Campus Safety has made two major changes to its structure in the last few weeks. The first was a new hire and promotion within Campus Safety’s ranks, and the second is the establishment of a new relationship with a security company, Securitas, to augment Campus Safety’s presence on Trinity’s campus.
After the appointment of Brian Heavren to the position of Director of Campus Safety, a new hire was necessary to fill his old position of Assistant Director that Heavren previously occupied. To this end, George N. Marshall was hired, and Ramon Rosario was promoted from Lieutenant to Captain, in an effort to “standardize the department.”
Trinity’s Campus Safety works on a hierarchy similar to other police forces. The “entry-level position” is the Campus Safety Officer, the lime green-shirted officers who “respond to calls for service and do active patrolling.”
Above the Campus Safety Officer is the rank of Sergeant, whose role is broadly defined as a “shift supervisor” responsible for “organizing the response of the department and recognizing the issues and problems that are going on on their shifts and organize their personnel.”
Heavren explained that the role of Lieutenant fell above the rank of Sergeant, but after the promotion of Mr. Rosario, the position would be eliminated.
The rank of Captain falls above Sergeant. Captain responsibilities include “monitoring professional standards and professional development for the officers, as well as special event planning.”
The Assistant Director of Campus Safety, the rank above captain, deals with “day-to-day operations of entire department and making sure the operation runs smoothly.” The hiring of George Marshall filled the vacancy left by Heavren.
Finally, the Director of Camus Safety is responsible for “strategic planning,” and serving as “a liaison to other college campus safety departments.”
In addition to the hiring of Marshall and the promotion of Rosario, Campus Safety has begun a new relationship with Securitas, a security company augmenting existing Campus Safety resources.
According to Heavren, a decision was made years ago by Campus Safety and Trinity’s administration “to supplement the Campus Safety department on the evening shift” by contracting with a security company. Until this year, that role was filled by Allied Barton.
In the wake of an assessment of Campus Safety and the submission of a request for proposals (RFP) to “make sure [we’re] getting the best value” and “to see what the market would bring to bear” on Trinity’s security needs, the decision was made to switch to Securitas. Heavren mentioned that the proximity of a Securitas office to Trinity’s Campus, Securitas’ ability to provide additional personnel in a timely fashion, and Securitas’ use of electronic tracking technology all made Securitas an attractive option.
Securitas will contribute six new officers. Tracy Hurlburt, Securitas representative indicated that the company was “thrilled” to be on Trinity’s campus.

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