Class of 2022 Deposits In. Highest Ever % International and First-Generation

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At the annual town hall held by President Berger-Sweeney today, she announced statistics on the Class of 2022. Decisions and deposits were due at midnight last night from incoming students. As Vice President of Enrollment and Student Success Angel Perez stated in the meeting, the admissions team is still gathering information to provide a comprehensive view of the new class. President Berger-Sweeney did say that the class is academically the “strongest in recent history.” And although the class will experience “summer melt,” a phenomenon whereby the number of incoming students declines slightly over the summer, the President said that the school is ahead of the number of students from this time last year.
Here’s what we know:
The Class of 2022 has 21% more students who were at the top academic tiers of their high school classes than last year.
Exactly 50% of the class is male, and 50% is female.
15% of the class are international students, the highest percentage in Trinity history.
21% of the class are students of color, the same as last year.
15% of the class are first-generation college students, the most in Trinity history.
54% of the class comes from outside of New England.
49% of students chose not to submit standardized test scores.
Numbers are still being crunched and will result in more specifications about the class.
President Berger-Sweeney stressed efforts at retaining these students, in an overall effort, she said in her presentation, to become the “preeminent urban liberal arts college in the country.”

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