College Reunion Festivities Postponed Amidst Coronavirus Crisis

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Brendan W. Clark ’21


In a letter to alumni and alumnae Friday morning, Trinity College announced that the College’s Reunion would be postponed as a result of the novel coronavirus. It was not clear in the letter when precisely Reunion would be rescheduled to, though the letter indicated that options would be explored to move events to the spring of 2021.

The announcement comes one day after the College cancelled Commencement exercises for the Class of 2020 in May. Members of Reunion Committees were notified yesterday of the decision by College officials. 

The announcement was “not an easy decision but a necessary one at this time and the feedback your Reunion committee members shared was critical in our decision- making process,” Director of Alumni Relations Steve Donovan added in his letter.

Donovan’s letter indicated that the “path moving forward is not yet clear.” He indicated that the College is “exploring various ways we can bring Reunion 2020 into the spring of 2021.” Donovan also stated in his letter that the College will “continue to consult with Reunion volunteers in the coming weeks as we work to firm up our plans.”

The Tripod spoke with Donovan, who added that “It’s certainly disappointing to have to postpone an event that so many alumni volunteers and staff have worked tirelessly on for over a year, but the decision was the clear consensus of those alumni and staff.”

The decision was made as the College priorities “health and safety above everything as we grapple with difficult decisions about major events typically held on campus in the spring.” Donovan also thanked alumni for their “dedication to your classmates and the college.”

Other institutions in Connecticut have also adjusted their Reunion schedules. Yale announced in March that their Reunion activities would be cancelled in May and added that they are “actively seeking alternatives” so classes “will have an opportunity to celebrate.” Yale indicated that they are “currently analyzing a variety of options” and has not announced a date. Wesleyan University, meanwhile, has not yet announced cancellations of their Commencement and Reunion activities in late May. Connecticut College, whose Reunion is scheduled for May 29-31, indicated in an Apr. 1 update that “a decision about plans for Reunion 2020 will be announced next week.” 

Donovan also told the Tripod that the College looks “forward to what will surely be a unique and special way to come together as a community next spring.”

The Tripod has reached out to Vice President for Communications and Marketing Angela Schaeffer, who was not immediately available for comment.


Brendan W. Clark '21 is the current Editor-in-Chief of the Trinity Tripod, Trinity College's student newspaper.

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