Ferris fitness passes provide fun exercise for everyone



The notorious “freshman 15” is difficult to avoid when there is free food always available on campus. Students are constantly enticed with Mather’s all-you-can-eat style of food service, however, instead of avoiding temptation entirely, there is a way to burn off the extra calories – and have fun while doing it with friends.

The Group Fitness Passes sold at Ferris Athletic Center allow students to participate in yoga, Zumba, and spin class whenever the classes are available. The passes cost $25 per semester, and the classes take place between two and four times a week, depending on the week.

Miriam Atuya ’16 described how she heard about the passes: “I saw a post on the announcement board in Ferris and got interested. A few days later, I saw a post in my class’s Facebook page advertising about the fitness pass and so I decided to get one.” This is Atuya’s first semester with a fitness pass. “[I like having the pass] because it’s extremely cheap, and I get to enjoy a number of fitness classes over the course of the semester.”

Although there has been a push on the Trinity College Class of 2019 Facebook page to get first-years to sign up for the fitness passes, there is an overall lack of awareness about them.

“I haven’t heard about the passes until now,” Katie Dirico ’19 admitted. “It sounds like a great program, but I’m on the tennis team, and between practice and dinner, I just don’t have time to go to the spin classes or any of the other evening classes.”

For students who are not on sports teams and can have the time, they may find the fitness passes to be a great opportunity to relax and work out at the same time.

Anya Forsberg ’19 is enthusiastic about the program. “I like how it’s casual, and it’s a fun way to get exercise. It’s cheap, and the people who go are non-judgmental. I plan to go to spin classes twice a week,” Forsberg described.

Due to many activities on campus that conflict with the hours of the fitness classes, the number of students who go to each of them is very small. Sometimes there may be only one student at a class, but usually the head count is around three.

“Unfortunately, the classes are during times when some students have either evening or morning classes,” Atuya explained, “hence the limited attendance.”

Students like Dirico already get plenty of exercise, but some cannot find the time to attend the classes or have simply not heard about the passes. The Group Fitness Passes are available for all students, and if someone feels uncomfortable going alone, the classes available through the pass provide great opportunities to bring a friend along and have fun while getting fit at the same time.

In addition, it is possible for students to attend one of the classes as a trial, to see if someone enjoys the classes enough to purchase a pass. For any student who is looking for a new activity on campus to try out, the classes with the Group Fitness Passes could be a great option.

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