Four Event Recaps From This Black History Month

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“Belly of the Beast” with Da’Shaun Harrison.

February 16, 2023.

“This is the first time I had ever heard about anti-fatness, and when Da’Shaun was talking about it, it made me realize that even as a POC, I don’t even know all the discrimination or the instances of things that happen against my race, so this was very eye-opening, and I’m glad that Trinity was able to find someone like Da’Shaun to talk about these important things.” – Savianna Augustine ’26, Participant

ProtE.C.T. Our Heritage. (Featured Image)

February 18, 2023.

“MOCA’s ProtE.C.T Our Heritage outreach event was uplifting and rewarding—for both the Trinity students in attendance and the families at the YMCA who took part. It is great to see Trinity students engaging with, teaching, and inspiring Hartford youth. Black history is important; I was happy to be part of an event that promoted the celebration of our people alongside our next generation of leaders!” – Zoe Sylvester-Chin ’23, Participant

“Presenting at ProtE.C.T Our Heritage in front of young people of color was an eye-opening experience for me as someone who’s fairly new to MOCA. Seeing young kids with seemingly short attention spans so invested, collaborating enthusiastically and being supportive of each other was inspiring for me. It was reassuring that in spite [of] personal struggles in a world that is being increasingly materialistic and selfish, there still exists a sense of communal ownership, honor and pride in one’s roots and heritage. I’m incredibly excited for what next year’s event brings!” – Mohammed Ali ’26, MOCA’s Alumni Relations Chair

Night of Worship.

February 19, 2023.

“This past Night of Worship was a great atmosphere and time to fellowship with members of our campus community. I thoroughly enjoyed taking the time out to acknowledge Gods presence in my busy college life.  I’m excited to continue to partner up with TCGC and other individuals in our community for other Nights of Worship this semester!” – Cassidy Willie-Lawes ’24, FIST Co-President

“I think one of my favorite aspects of worship is testimonies so you can see how people persevere through the trials and tribulations they face in their life.” – Tiara Ogunsanya ’25, Participant

Affirming Black Mental Health and Self Love.

February 21, 2023.

 “Affirming Black Mental Health and Self Love Discussion was a very necessary event for Black History month. This event included a meditation from Mickey Amilcar Correa ’20 and a discussion from Dr. Hunt from the University of Colorado Anchutz. It fell at a perfect time of the month which allowed many students to meditate and reflect on mental health. The event also revealed how students may be racially fatigued and ways to cope with these feelings to move forward.”- Sydney Cross-Watts ’24 & Deion Kelly ’23, Black History Month Co-Leads for 2023

A Few Words From the Men of Color Alliance: “The Men of Color Alliance was honored to be part of the process to put on wonderful and intentional events for Black History Month! Experiencing the BHM events continues to offer incredible learning experiences. Additionally, MOCA was able to gain unique firsthand exposure to black history and culture! We’re looking forward to continuing to find ways to put on such crucial events for years to come!”

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