Office of Campus Safety Addresses Traffic Concerns 

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Melina Korfonta ’25

News Editor

In an email to the Trinity community on Monday, Aug. 29, Interim Director of Campus Safety Rob Lukaskiewicz announced improvements that were made to address traffic concerns and pedestrian safety. He indicated that the College has recently been in conversations with the City of Hartford and the Hartford Police Department.

“After the tragic death of Jillian Hegarty ’24 last spring, it has been a priority for us to work with the City Engineer and the TrafficOperations Engineer to plan and implement traffic-calming measures on streets adjacent to campus,” wrote Lukaskiewicz in his email.

In order to improve safety in the area surrounding campus, the College has implemented traffic delineators, with “highly visible posts which slow and guide traffic to benefit pedestrian safety,” on New Britain Avenue at Henry Street and Crescent Street. In addition, new stop signs with flashing red beacons have been installed at two locations on Summit Street. Pedestrian crosswalks have been repainted, and new signage has been installed on New Britain Avenue. Furthermore, speed bumps have been placed on Allen Place and Summit Street.

“We believe these measures will greatly assist with pedestrian safety and benefit our campus community as well as the City of Hartford,” Lukaskiewicz stated.  He continued, noting that [i]It’s also important to remember that we, as members of our college community and as residents of Hartford, can personally contribute to improving safety by always obeying traffic laws and driving at lower rates of speed.”

In a subsequent email to the community on Tuesday, Sept. 6, Office Assistant at Campus Safety Jorge Lugo announced that the College had been made aware that the City of Hartford would begin installation of the speed bumps along crescent street the following morning. Students who were parked along Crescent Street were advised to move their vehicles and instead park within the interior parts of campus.

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