Office of Greek Life Reverts to Previous Wristband Policy

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Daniel J. Nesbitt ’22


The Office of Greek Life is reverting to its previous wristband policy for social gatherings in which Greek and Social organizations are responsible for checking student identification and issuing wristbands to students to distinguish if they are of drinking age.

Director of Greek Life and Assistant Dean of Community Life and Restorative Justice Trevor Beauford told the Tripod that generally, “each Greek and Social house receive[s] a packet before every event with a requested number of age verification bands.” Beauford also clarified that this policy had been in effect for the last six years and that “it was a big misconception that the policy was new.”   

“After several meeting with the social chairs and presidents of the organizations, we developed the implementation plan to relieve door monitors from the responsibility to check the IDs of their fellow students. We piloted the plan for two weeks. After further review, for the remainder of the school year,  we will be returning to the previous practice,” said Beauford in an email to the Tripod. Beauford indicated that each social house will be responsible for checking IDs and giving persons the appropriate wristband based on being above 21 or below 21 prior to their entry into any social event where alcohol is present. He also indicated that the College will continue to employ two persons from CSC to help social house door monitors.

In a Mar. 11 email to the campus community, Beauford announced that students were required to obtain a wristband from the College beforehand – from one of two campus locations –  to be able to attend any social house event on a Friday or Saturday. In an email to the Tripod, Beauford indicated that this change sought to “relieve door monitors from the responsibility to check the IDs of their fellow students.” This modified policy was “piloted” for a total of two weeks. “After further review,” Beauford stated, “for the remainder of the school year, we will be returning to the previous practice.” 

As the Tripod previously reported, several members of the Student Government Association (SGA) expressed concerns over the change in wristband policy at their Mar. 13 meeting. Class of 2023 President Jason Farrell previously expressed concerns that the wristbands would just be an inconvenience to students and would not actually affect underage drinking, which he stated does not take place in fraternities.

Farrell also expressed reservations that the age distinction of the wristbands could increase exclusivity to entering fraternities. Nayantara Ghosh ’22 added that the wristbands could be rendered pointless given that no College official was monitoring whether social organizations were abiding by the policy. SGA President Jederick Estrella ’22 told the SGA that he would relay the concerns to Beauford, but there has been no communication to the student body from either SGA or Beauford concerning the wristband policy since the Mar. 13 meeting. 

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