SGA Addresses New Organizations, Class Elections

At the Student Government Association’s Feb. 4 meeting, the Association considered a proposal to formally recognize a new club- the Trinity College Investment Management Club (TCIM). President Dana Cerone ’18 and Head of Research and Se- nior Quantitative Analyst Ebenezer Hormenou ’18 argued that Trinity College, while already having an Investment Club, does not utilize the same investment management strategies that the TCIM seeks to use. Further, Mr. Hormenou stressed that quantitative strategies involve the development of computer algorithms which seek to determine which stocks will perform best mathematically, in contrast to “stock picking.”
Ms. Cerone added that the club will welcome all members and currently has a portfolio of $15,000.00. The SGA thereafter voted to formally recognize the club.
Additionally, Kristina A. Miele was elected junior class president. The current president of the junior class, Gregory Norsigian, is studying abroad. SGA President Emily Claytor ’18 added that an “internal election was being held due to issues with the software program used by the college to facilitate elections.”
Trinna Larsen ’20, the SGA Sustainability Liaison, added that ConnPIRG will be holding another session of TrinTalks, an event promoting political conversation on campus, on Thursday, Feb. 8 at 5:00 in McCook Auditorium.

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