SGA Discusses Challenges COVID Restrictions Place on Indoor Events, Plan Halloween Event

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Faith Monahan ’24

News Editor

The Trinity College Student Government Association (SGA) discussed indoor COVID-19 regulations and their potential impact on the upcoming Halloween on Crescent event during their meeting on Sunday, Oct. 24. As November arrives next week, outdoor events may soon no longer be a possibility, and many students have expressed concerns over the strict regulations. Barnyard; the Office of Student Activities; Involvement; and Leadership (SAIL); and SGA are collaborating to host Halloween on Crescent as an event open to the larger Hartford community.  

 Members of the Trinity College community have held large gatherings and events outdoors consistent with COVID-19 regulations since the beginning of the semester. SGA President Jederick Estrella ’22 expressed his concerns over the small indoor capacities on an almost fully vaccinated campus: “COVID regulations makes it increasingly hard for a mostly vaccinated campus to throw events for certain parts of their community.” The proposal for the Trinity African Student Association (ASA) fashion show was rejected by the COVID-19 steering committee for suggesting a 200-person capacity for the event in the Washington Room; however the committee allowed the event if the capacity was kept under 147 participants. Senior events face an even larger obstacle as it involves the entire graduating class. “A lot of students don’t want to see those traditions die,” continued Estrella, such as Snowball, a senior event that takes place in December. These yearly events need to be planned in advance, but the student body is left waiting to know whether they are even a possibility.  

Other students have expressed similar opinions as Greek Life plans a proposal to increase gathering capacity as well. Estrella addressed the potential risk and threat to student safety caused by having COVID-19 regulations that are stricter than necessary explaining that “If people can’t go to Greek Life events and socials, at the end of the day, people are going to start doing more escalated things… it’s better for people especially in an inebriated state to be in the bubble that is Trinity.” Encouraging students to stay on campus where COVID-19 can be monitored may prevent further exposure.  

Over the past few weeks, other common colds have spread throughout Trinity’s campus causing some hesitation to relax restrictions. Data from other NESCAC schools have shown that surges of COVID-19 are possible even with an almost fully vaccinated campus, much like Trinity.  Estrella, motivated by student concerns regarding the regulations, plans to meet with the COVID-19 steering committee. The COVID-19 Steering Committee does not include students.

SGA also discussed preparations for the upcoming Halloween on Crescent event that will take place on Saturday, Oct. 30 from 2 p.m. – 5 p.m.; families from the Hartford community will trick-or-treat along the crescent townhouses. S.A.I.L. and Barnyard will be co-hosting the event, and SGA members will serve as volunteers assisting and guiding trick-or-treaters. During the meeting, the SGA voted to approve the use of their budget to hire DJ Machiavelli to provide music and discussed the logistics for promoting this event.  

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