SGA Discusses Spring Weekend, New Wristband Policy

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Alexandra Boursican ’23

News Editor

The Student Government Association (SGA) discussed the Ultimate Frisbee Club, Bantam Welcome Weekend, and the new wristband policy during their meeting on Sunday, Mar. 13.  

The SGA also discussed at length activities that would occur over Spring Weekend. Ideas included activities such as laser tag in the library or having a celebration with Greek life on the field. In addition, the Student Organization Oversight Committee conducted a vote for the Ultimate Frisbee Club team which was voted yes by a majority of 82%.  

SGA President Jederick Estrella ’22 followed this with the reminder of the upcoming Bantam Welcome Weekend from Apr. 2-3. This is an event that allows accepted students the opportunity to come to campus with their families and get a tour of the school as well as interact with other accepted students. The SGA decided to have a booth there that weekend for representation. The SGA also talked about potentially having a barbecue mixer on Apr. 9 for the community.  

Additionally, Estrella asked the committee its thoughts on the new system of wristbands that were enacted this Saturday on campus. In an email on Mar. 11 on social gathering regulations, Director of Greek Life and Assistant Dean of Community Life and Restorative Justice Trevor Beauford wrote that there was a new mode of verifying age and monitoring capacity at social organization gatherings using wristbands. Beauford explained that “Students over 21 years will receive a wristband that verifies their age; students under 21 will receive a different wristband. Social houses serving alcohol must abide by our Trinity college alcohol policies.”  

There were multiple of reservations from SGA members. President of the Class of 2023 Jason Farrell commented that underage drinking does not take place in fraternities and therefore these wristbands are adding a random inconvenience. He went on to add that he had heard complaints from students that this could potentially add a new exclusivity to the fraternities. For example, fraternities could use an under-21 wristband as a reason to not allow the entrance of a student, when in reality they might not prefer that student to enter their fraternity. Vice President of the Multicultural Affairs Council Renita Washington ’22 added that if the wristbands were to continue, there should be all-night availability to acquire a wristband, as students might not decide to go out until later in the night.

Nayantara Ghosh ’22 also participated in the discussion, adding that she felt it was being mishandled and that it was pointless as no official was checking to see if students were wearing wristbands. Estrella said he would relay these concerns to Beauford in an upcoming meeting. 

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