SGA Discusses Student Elections, Town Hall Event on Mar. 3

Kip Lynch ’22

Contributing Writer

The Student Government Association (SGA) convened on Sunday, Mar. 1 in order to discuss upcoming student government elections, Green Dot Training, and the upcoming SGA Town Hall. The student government also heard committee updates and a funding request from Women & Gender Resource Action Center (WGRAC) for Herstory Month.

The SGA heard updates from both the Food and Sustainability Committees. The Food Committee informed the SGA of its intentions to send out a survey to the student body and its plans to hold Chartwells accountable over rumors that employees have no access to family leave or sick leave. The Sustainability Committee briefly described their plans for promoting sustainability on campus with live music and food at GREENFest, which will be held on Sunday, Apr. 19. 

Representatives from WGRAC presented their plans for Herstory month, describing its kick-off on Super Tuesday and future events held throughout the month of March, including a Shabbat dinner, movie night, trivia night, and discussions on topics such as faith in politics and women in hip hop, among other things. WGRAC’s funding request for $200 was approved by the student government.

The SGA also discussed the upcoming spring student elections, with a number of positions open for election by the student body including SGA President, Vice President of Communications, Vice President of Finance, Vice President of Multi-Cultural Affairs, and Class Presidents. If there are more than three candidates on the ballot for a given position, a new ranked-choice voting system will be used.

Senator Samantha McCarthy ’21 described the three-year implementation policy of the Green Dot program, which aims to effect changes in campus culture by training influential members of the community to recognize and intervene in high-risk situations. McCarthy emphasized the importance of SGA members attending the Green Dot event this Saturday, Mar. 7 which will feature bystander training and other different modules aimed at improving campus culture.

The Student Government Association also discussed several questions ahead of the upcoming Town Hall, which will take place on Tuesday, Mar. 3 from 4:30-6:00 p.m. in McCook Auditorium. Prior to the event, the SGA released an online form to allow for anonymous questions or comments to be submitted online beforehand. At Sunday’s meeting, some questions and comments that had already been submitted and were discussed. Questions and subsequent discussions varied widely with one question being raised with regard to ongoing incidents of racism on campus, greeted with seriousness, while laughter greeted a question about student government association with the Elm and Key secret society.

The student government also discussed its plans for an SGA Formal and a faculty-staff appreciation dinner at the end of the semester that will be open to the campus.


Brendan W. Clark '21 is the current Editor-in-Chief of the Trinity Tripod, Trinity College's student newspaper.

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