SGA Election Process Overhaul Increases Participation

By Jackie Mercadante
Contributing Writer
The start of the school year brings about a new round of elections for Trinity’s Student Government Association (SGA). This year, a few modifications were made to the SGA election policy which changed the structure and provided new opportunities to those running for office.
All voting on Trinity’s campus takes place through the management software CollegiateLink. A link to vote is emailed to the entire student body. Traditionally, polls have been open for only 24 hours. This year, however, it was extended to 48 hours to give students more time to cast their votes.
Besides the election system itself, the campaign process was also changed. In the past, campaigning of any kind had been frowned upon. This year it was encouraged. SGA announced to all candidates that they would be willing to print any campaign posters that had been approved. Several successful candidates took advantage of this new offer, which had a twofold effect.
First, it improved the candidates’ visibility, which in turn helped them self-promote among their peers. Second, it publicized the election, which encouraged more people to take the time to cast their vote. Students were allowed to post announcements on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, and regulations were put in place to prevent candidates from running negative campaigns against the other candidates. Thus, candidates had more outlets to express their goals for the positions and their reasons for running than in previous years.
Nominees also held events in their dorm common rooms. Newly elected first-year president, Hadley Queiroz, held a pizza night and open forum in the Elton common room in order to inform other first-year students about her goals and plans.
These policy changes have ushered in a new way for Trinity to elect its student leaders. However, there are still some adjustments that could be made. IDP students have had problems with the voting system, which unfortunately means that not all have been able to cast their votes. A possible solution to this issue could entail implementing a new system that ensures that everyone’s opinions are taken into account.
Students who are interested in participating in student government in other capacities are encouraged to reach out to SGA President, Ryan Miller ( There are plenty of opportunities to serve on committees and bring forth ideas in order to get more involved in the Trinity community.

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