SGA Holds First Meeting: Finalizes Committee Assignments, Discusses Fall Events 

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Olivia Silvey ’25

Contributing Writer  

On Sunday, Oct. 17 the Student Government Association (SGA) held their first meeting of the fall semester. The meeting was held in person at the McCook Auditorium; student representatives established SGA committee assignments, introduced new members, and finalized meeting times and functions. Also on the agenda was the approval of the Judicial Commission and the upcoming Halloween event on Crescent Street. The meeting mainly focused on SGA logistics and developing a strong foundation for committees for the semester.  

“After the recent elections, SGA now has a full Senate, which will allow for more structure and progress,” said SGA President Jederick Estrella ’22. Sunday’s meeting divided the Senate into groups—by year and committee—to establish meeting times and introduce new members.  

Student representatives then received their committee assignments. There are a total of 10 committees which include: Academic Affairs (Charlotte Bond ’23, Ahamed Fadhil ’25), Budget (Tony Ortega ’24, Maja Peszko ’23), Curriculum (Peszko, Jason Farrell ’23), Communications (Alexis Porto ’22, Evan Ohuabunwa ’22, Joshua Jacob ’23, Ayouba Swaray ’24, Ava Alioto ’25, Sydney Yu ’25), Multicultural Affairs Council (Gaby Gomez ’22, Daniel White ’24, Momo Djebli ’25), Programming (Farran Brown ’22, Brianna Andrade ’24, Ortega, Gomez) , Sustainability (Alioto, Fadhil), Student Quality of Life (Allison Rau ’23, Brown, Farrell, Andrade, James Maciel ‘25, Jacob, Djebli, Swaray), Student Oversight Committee (Gabi Seguinot ’24, Shawn Olstein ’22, Maciel, Brown, Rau, Jacob, Syndey, White) and the Judicial Commission (Renita Washington ’22, Porto, Bond, and Yu). The Student Quality of Life Committee and the Judicial Commission are the newest SGA committees to be formed.  

The Student Quality of Life Committee is a combination of the Housing, Food, and Facilities committees. As the Tripod previously reported, the the Judicial Commission serves as a “fact-checker” and provides procedural guidance during all SGA meetings. The Commission, which is chaired by Parliamentarian Joshua Jacoves ’23, is also responsible for reviewing violations of procedures after they occur. After making a “binding decision”—which is agreed upon by a (3/5ths) majority of the members of the commission—regarding the interpretation of a procedure or rule that was violated in a previous meeting, it would then be presented to the SGA through the Executive Board.  

The Judicial Commission, which was created last November after the SGA passed a new constitution, is overseen by a Parliamentarian which is chosen by the entire SGA. It is also composed of four general SGA members—two of which are are elected by the Executive Board and the other two by the Senate. Each member of the Commission possesses one vote when deciding on a binding decision and serves a term length of one full academic year.   

SGA also discussed the upcoming event Halloween on Crescent, scheduled for Oct. 30. This new event will be similar to Halloween on Vernon, where children can trick-or-treat at the Crescent houses. There will be food and activities as well. Estrella clarified that soon he will be knocking on doors of Crescent houses to gauge interest, and asks that when the event is in motion for students to be cognizant of the presence of children on Trinity’s campus.  

The next SGA meeting will be held on Sunday, Oct. 24.  

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