SGA Political Committee Addresses Climate on Campus

Jay Park ’22
Staff Writer

On the week of Mar. 11, 2019, the Political Union, a new committee of the Student Government Association, met for the very first time. The Political Union Committee (PUC) was voted into the SGA constitution as a committee dedicated to serving the student body, with its main focus being to address the current political climate on the Trinity College campus, as well as to start bipartisan conversations around topics pertinent to today’s society. In addition, the committee will serve as an opportunity for the different political organizations, as well as its members, to engage in civil discourse with regards to activities within the school itself, thereby allowing for more engagement within the different groups so as to streamline efficiency.

The committee is made up of the Student Government Association (SGA) President, two nonpartisan internally elected members of the SGA, and a representative from the executive board of each political organization on campus internally elected by that organization.

Currently, there are four active political organizations officially recognized by Trinity College, with those being the College Democrats, College Republicans, Young Democratic Socialists of America (YDSA), and Young Americans for Liberty (YAL). In incorporating individuals from the various facets of the political spectrum, as well as nonpartisan members representing the interests of the school, the Student Government Association is creating an environment free of biases.

Below is an excerpt from the new addition to the SGA constitution regarding the new Political Union Committee, its purpose and the mission, according to the committee, says: to meet weekly to discuss on campus political climate as well as plan and execute politically collaborative and bipartisan events for the campus community; communicate regularly with the SGA; attend weekly SGA senate meetings (members of the committee that are not members of the SGA will attend the meetings as liaisons, will not have the right to vote, and will gather input from the senate regarding political climate).

The meeting held on the week of the March 11 consisted of the Student Body President Kristina Miele ’19, two members of the SGA, and the representatives from the other four political organizations. While the topics of discussion varied slightly, most centered around ways in which the committee could get different clubs to collaborate and cooperate with each other on campus, as well to promote civic engagement amongst the student body. Also discussed was the possibility of holding debates and/or speaker series coordinated with the different political groups on campus in a civil and respectful manner.

For additional information regarding the Political Union Committee and its various duties, reach out to the Student Body President Kristina Miele at

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