SGA Reviews Housing Lottery, Discusses Spring Weekend and Committee Updates

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Melina Korfonta ’25

News Editor

The Student Government Association (SGA) discussed Spring weekend, student government elections, the housing lottery, and more committee updates during their meeting on Sunday, February 27th. 

The Student Quality of Life Committee reviewed dorm ratings and deadlines for the housing lottery. The Housing Selection process will open on Apr. 17 and will conclude on Apr. 25. Prior to Apr. 17, lottery numbers will be posted to your personal landing page. When the lottery numbers are ready to be published an announcement will be made via email and will include the link to the housing selection site. 

Members of the Programming Committee indicated that Spring weekend activities—including a concert and outdoor carnival–are currently planned for Apr. 29. However, the details of these events are pending due to issues related to COVID-19 and other delays.  

The Curriculum Committee then addressed future updates to the academic calendar. Sometime within the next two weeks, the Committe expects to receive an update on the climate and diversity general education distribution requirements which are expected for next semester.  

In addition, the Student Oversight Committee announced that an ultimate frisbee club team is on its way for approval and they are currently waiting to conduct a vote. Members of the Budget Committee reminded students to be mindful when requesting money: they indicated that getting quotes and doing research is essential in order for a club to receive approval for funding. Representatives from the Women & Gender Resource Action Center (WGRAC) were present at the meeting and reminded everyone available Zoom workshops.  

Once all of the election materials have been verified, SGA President Jederick Estrella ‘22 will notify the community via email the candidates for each of the opening SGA positions. There will be a virtual “Meet the Candidates” on Wednesday, Mar. 2 from 6:30pm-7:30pm. Elections will soon follow on Thursday, Mar. 3 at 9am through Friday, Mar. 4 at 11:59pm. Winners will be announced on Saturday.  

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