SGA Discuss Mather Options, Budget Shifts

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Hallie Bachman ’24

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Garrett Kirk ’24

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On Mar. 14, 2021, the Student Government Association (SGA) met for their weekly meeting to discuss their plans for the upcoming months at Trinity. 

The Food Committee met with Chartwells and pushed for Trinity to increase the amount of vegan and vegetarian friendly food options available in Mather Dining Hall and the Bistro alike. The chefs were receptive, and the Food Committee was optimistic that some changes will come out of this interaction.

SGA discussed a proposal relating to the rules for how SGA Executive Board members are elected. There was some disagreement over how the proposal should be written. Some members of SGA believed that the proposal should follow the lines of the U.S. Constitution, while others thought that was putting too much pressure on SGA to be like a state entity, and thus they argued that the governing body should be more flexible as a school government. Members argued that the proposal needed more transparency so that students felt it was their choice who was on the board.

SGA Vice President for Finance Camille Valentincic ’22 circled back with the meeting attendees about the miscommunication that occurred with the recent budget changes made in the finance manual. Valentincic noted that after this previous change occurred, there had been disagreements from outside parties surrounding the modifications, and a prior public forum was used by these organizations to voice their grievances. Umoja Cultural-House Coordinator Jederick Estrella ’22 responded by mentioning that organizations outside SGA would like to be included in future decisions of this nature since budget changes affect everybody at the College.

SGA Vice President Jack Stone ’22 also told listeners that the housing lottery has been tentatively scheduled to occur during the last week of April. Stone brought up the unique challenges that incoming first-years face in the pandemic world as a future issue to address, regarding housing and become more acquainted with the Trinity community. Stone also discussed the potential of telling students about the utility of the Bantam Network as a way that these individuals can meet potential roommates. 

Towards the close of the meeting SGA President Giovanni Jones ’21 reminded those who attended the meeting that the SGA elections are on the horizon. Jones reminded members of the association and others at the meeting that election packets are to be distributed  on Apr. 11, with class presidency and Executive Board candidates campaigning up until the official elections on Apr. 28.


Brendan W. Clark '21 is the current Editor-in-Chief of the Trinity Tripod, Trinity College's student newspaper.

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