Trinity Explores Future of Inclusivity at Bicentennial Workshop With QRC, WGRAC and OMA

Iqra Athar ’26

News Editor

At Trinity College’s Raether Library and Information Technology Center, the Bicentennial workshop titled “Envisioning the Future of Belonging at Trinity College: QRC, WGRAC, and OMA” took a significant step forward in reinforcing the College’s commitment to inclusivity and belonging. The event highlighted the critical roles of the Queer Resource Center (QRC), the Women and Gender Resource Action Center (WGRAC) and the Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) in building an inclusive community

Moderated by Robert Cotto, Director of DEI Campus and Community Engagement, the workshop convened a panel of distinguished speakers: Carol Correa de Best, Director of Multicultural Affairs; Jared Delane, Cultural House Supervisor/Program Coordinator; Crystal Nieves, Director of LGBTQ+ Life; and Kim O’Brien, Training and Program Coordinator for WGRAC and QRC, alongside student leaders. These leaders shared their experiences in creating supportive spaces that contribute to a diverse and equitable campus. Reflecting on the historical context, Cotto emphasized the evolving definition of belonging in response to changing circumstances.

Nieves acknowledged the progress made by the inclusive spaces and student groups on campus and added, “We still have a long road ahead. A future of belonging requires active, strategic efforts from individuals and institutional support.”

The panel discussed ongoing and future projects aimed at fostering belonging, opened a platform for the community to propose improvements in creating a sense of belonging and addressed audience questions on integrating inclusivity into various aspects of campus life, from academics to wellness. Suggestions included offering extra credit for attending diversity workshops, collecting pronouns, including diversity and inclusion statements in the syllabus and creating more informal settings for discussion, with the assistance of the Counseling and Wellness Center.

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