Trustee Member Henry Mallari-D’Auria ’83 Gives $5 Million for Scholarship

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Faith Monahan ’24

News Editor

Board of Trustees member Henry Mallari-D’Auria ’83 has donated a gift of $5 million dollars to establish the Mallari-D’Auria Scholarship. The scholarship will “expand Trinity’s ability to recruit the best students of every background,” according to an announcement posted on the College’s website Tuesday, Apr. 19.  

“The track record is clear—the greater our investment in financial aid, the better our student quality has grown,” said Trinity College President Joanne Berger-Sweeney. “Thanks to Henry’s generosity, we can do even more to build the excellence of this thriving student community.” 

Mallari-D’Auria became a member of the Board of Trustees at Trinity in 2020 with plans to “work to build a stronger and more enduring institution.” His philanthropy with Trinity has included annual gifts to the Trinity Fund. After his donations began to increase, Mallari-D’Auria targeted his philanthropy towards financial aid. “It wasn’t big dollars, but it was something. The school had been important to me,” said Mallari-D’Auria while discussing his early donations to the College after graduating in 1983.  

Mallari-D’Auria’s gift will contribute to Trinity’s initiative to raise $100 million for financial aid and recruitment as a part of the College’s plan to open Trinity’s doors to the very best students from across the country and around the world.  

Mallari-D’Auria cites his own career path as an example of what financial aid can bring to many students. During his time at Trinity, he earned a B.S. in economics and interned with the investment management division at Travelers Insurance which provided him with connections for his career. “My first job, and ultimately my career, was driven by an internship at the school,” says Mallari-D’Auria. “I understood that the price of a small liberal arts school is out of reach for many families, and that I had an opportunity to ease some of that burden. My view is that if you are in a position to, you ought to contribute to the school’s ability to enroll the best students.” Growing up in the Hartford area, Mallari-D’Auria recalls his high school history teacher and Trinity alum Dan Doll ’66 encouraging him to apply: “Dan Doll said, ‘Trinity would be a great place for you to go,’ and offered to write a letter of recommendation for me.”  

Mallari-D’Auria is currently the chief investment officer of emerging markets value equities at AllianceBernstein; he has held this position since 2002. Mallari-D’Auria is also a portfolio manager for the Next 50 Emerging Markets Fund. At AllianceBernstein, he served as co-CIO of International Value Equities from 2003 until 2012. Mallari-D’Auria was also one of the leading architects of the firm’s global research department from 1998 to 2002. Before starting at AllianceBernstein in 1991, he served as vice president and sell-side analyst at PaineWebber where his work centered around restaurants, lodging, and retail.  

Mallari-D’Auria’s philanthropy includes serving as a member of the New York Chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. He served as president of the chapter in previous years. He is also a member of the New York Advisory Council of The Cahn Fellows Program at Teachers College at Columbia University; the program designed to provide continuous growth and support throughout various phases of professional careers for principals and other administrative leaders.  

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