Weekend Vandalism Sees Destruction in North Campus Bathroom

Gillian Reinhard ’20

According to an email sent to residents of North Campus by the Office of Residential Life, the downstairs men’s bathroom of the dorm was vandalized over the weekend. The perpetrator or perpetrators broke the handles off of all sinks to cause additional flooding and extend the damage.

Additionally, the drains of the bathroom were clogged with paper to maximize flooding. Towel dispensers were also ripped off the wall. The water had to be turned off momentarily in the dorm and the bathroom was forced to close as a result of the extensive flooding.

Acts of vandalism in North Campus are relatively high in comparison to other dorms at Trinity. Notably, North is often subject to an unknown student or students taking down the exit signs each semester.

The perpetrators of the act have not been found, and their motives are unclear. Campus Safety is investigating and any students who may have information relevant to the perpetrator or perpetrators are encouraged to contact Campus Safety.

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