Weekly Update from Campus Safety's Crime Logs

The Trinity College Campus Safety Daily Crime and Fire Log is accessible to the public, allowing the community to gain insight into the common occurrences taking place on campus. Each week Campus Safety receives a varying number of cases. For the week of Oct. 23, the department reported eleven incidents.
On Oct. 25, Campus Safety received four complaints that ranged from the nature of larceny – theft to dating violence. Thefts were reported at 02:48 a.m. from the library, 12:55 from Mather hall, and 1:21pm on Summit Street respectively. The disposition of the case remains open because it takes varied amounts of time to receive a lead that may or may not resolve the case. In addition, at 4:58 pm a complaint was filed under the nature of dating violence, which ranges from stalking to sexual assault. The lack of specificity on the log is for the sole purpose of protecting the privacy of the involved individuals. The incident occurred on Oct. 21 on campus and is still under investigation.
Campus Safety received five complaints on Oct. 23 including vandalism, harassment, and larceny – theft from non-residential building. Three incidents of theft took place on 175 New Britain Avenue at 5:33 pm, 7:01 pm, and 7:10 pm respectively. A complaint of vehicle vandalism was also reported on 09:25 am on the long walk, which occurred on Oct. 22. Finally, a complaint was filed at 12:53 pm of harassment through the phone. The disposition of all above listed cases is listed as open.
The week of Oct. 23 dominantly received complaints under the nature of larceny – theft. The seventh incident was reported on Oct. 24 at 12:35 am, but it took place on Oct. 23 at 11:30 pm in the library. It remains unclear why there is a sharp increase in thefts on and off campus in the last week.
The last incident to be reported for the week is under the nature of sexual offense – fondling at 5:16 p.m. on Oct. 21. The sexual nature of incidents, specifically dating violence, harassment, and sexual offense continue to occur around campus. Reviewing the Campus Safety Daily Crime log is important to ensure the community remains informed of the kinds of crimes taking place regularly around campus.

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