Campus Pizza Versus Trinity College Students: The Best Alternatives for Pizza on Late Nights in Hartford

Georgia Canrell ‘26

Contributing Writer

The need for greasy fast food during a late-late night out is undeniable; however, the notorious Campus Pizza right on the corner of Broad Street is undeniably terrible. Fifty dollars for an hour-long wait and an absolutely horrific pizza is not cutting it for the impatient and exhausted college student. The cheese falls off the pie just by trying to get your hands on a slice. The crust is equivalent to that of Little Caesar’s, too thick and chewy and slightly underbaked—and not to mention completely flavorless. Their buffalo chicken is just plain chicken. If I ask for buffalo chicken pizza, I want it to be drenched in bright orange, perfectly seasoned buffalo sauce. What I do not want is chicken tenders on a pizza with cheese. If they did one thing right, it would be the sauce. If I were a health inspector, Campus Pizza would earn a big fat F and not even an A for effort. So, basically, you can get a better pizza in a more timely fashion if you just call Domino’s or Papa John’s. 

If I were to create a Dance Mom’s pyramid to rank the top 5 late-night pizza options, Campus Pizza would be and would stay at the bottom, but the crowning spot would go to Angelina’s Pizzeria. The pepperonis are little cups pooling with grease and with the edges slightly burnt: it is in fact the best kind you can get. The extra grease is just the right medicine to bring you back to life. The crust has a foldability ranking of five stars, is perfectly baked, and has the exact right amount of crunch. The cheese sits and stays nicely on the slice, and there’s not too much of it either. The cheese to sauce to crust ratio is impeccable. When eating Angelina’s pizza, there are never any complaints, and there are no flaws to be found. A close runner-up is awarded to Frank Pepe Pizzeria. The foldability is also worth a five-star ranking, but the crust does get a little floppy the further down the slice you get. The sauce is the perfect Italian red sauce and so is the cheese to sauce to crust ratio. Although, I will say, the salt content of this pie was a bit high for my liking, and trust me, I love sodium, so this was surprising. The biggest point deductor for this establishment was that the delivery man dropped it off at a random Crescent House, and we had to go looking for it from Jones Dormitory. 

If Dave Portnoy, former owner of Barstool Sports, were to review and compare Campus Pizza and Angelina’s Pizzeria, the winner would be clear as day: it is Angelina’s Pizzeria. I do not think he would even be able to finish a slice of Campus Pizza. Although, I will say, I have to give both establishments credit for the use of square slices instead of triangles, which Frank Pepe didn’t follow. Square is the better option, but that argument is a whole other story. 

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  1. 3
    Alex Cady

    I know you did not say square slices are better than triangle. Must be from Mass. Also Im not walking 45 minutes to get late night drunk pizza. Someone must revoke your press credentials.

  2. 4
    Bryan Butera

    While Campus Pizza isn’t a Michelin star establishment, it’s solid pizza with a perfect location that’s always there for me when I need it. The pizza is sufficient and made in a quick enough manner to satisfy my waiting patience and tastebuds. There’s no other restaurant that delivers quality pizza in a timely manner late at night. If no one got me, I know Campus Pizza got me.

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