Candace Owens Gives Voice to Campus Conservatives

Maury Keary ’22

Contributing Writer

Candace Owens, a conservative activist and one of the most significant voices in media and politics visited Trinity College on Feb. 11. She attracted over 300 guests after what she mentioned took a long fight against the administration in order for her to present. She was invited by the Trinity College Republicans Club, which was just founded in 2018 by Nick Engstrom ’22. My hope is that this event has provided a spark to Republicans on campus, because, as it’s clear to most, our voices are not heard as they should be. By viewing the audience at the event, I know that there are more Republicans on our campus than what there appears to be. 

When Owens asked the crowd who disagreed with her, only a small group in the back right corner raised their hands, along with maybe a scattering of others throughout the audience. Other than that, it was encouraging to see the attending students from Trinity supporting what Owens stands for. 

Owens co-founded the campaign of Blexit—black exit from the left— with a vision in mind to build a better future for America. Being one of the few conservative speakers to ever present at Trinity, Owens advocated for the spread of her campaign and she gave the students something we have been waiting to hear for awhile. “I think it’s important to show up,” she told the audience, “especially in a place where you don’t hear conservative principles.” What this campus needs is more conservatives to speak out and continue to host more speakers like Owens. Small campuses, such as this one, should support the ability to speak one’s mind and create organizations that mean something as students are allowed the freedom to voice another perspective.

One of the most noteworthy points that Owens discussed was how certain countries rotate on an arc throughout time, from when they are at the top and dominating, to then being at the bottom. But for those who have been at the top for too long, such as the United States—they resort to creating unnecessary problems. “We have so much peace, it seems like there is no fight, and so we’re faking it. We’re pretending to be upset at things you’re not actually upset about, and you’re just complaining,” Owens mentioned. 

Throughout this presidential term, the United States has been successful. We should not be taking this peace and creating conflict from it. The peace that we have now is a result of prior, historical successes and it is nothing to take for granted.

Every point in Owens’ presentation was valuable. The only thing that would have been better would be if more than 300 people had heard what she had to say. Most students at Trinity probably had no idea that she was coming. I find it especially strange that if you type in ‘Candace Owens’ into the Trinity College website, not one matching result will appear. Why should an event like this be hidden from the school and the public eye? Owens is starting a conversation that needs to be heard today, especially on college campuses—where all voices should be heard. 


Brendan W. Clark '21 is the current Editor-in-Chief of the Trinity Tripod, Trinity College's student newspaper.

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