Ferris Flaws: Does Trinity Really Value Student Health?

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At the start of the semester, Trinity College gave a false hope to its students regarding the Hazelton Fitness Center in Ferris. During the first few weeks of school, many members of the student body who rely on getting a workout in order to maintain their physical and mental health were pleased to see that the school was doing some construction and rebuilding in the fitness center — something that has been long overdue and patiently awaited. After some initial changes, students began to realize that, to no surprise, the school was doing absolutely nothing to complete these improvements.
Despite the issue of there being inadequate equipment for our some-odd 2,300 students, the school decided it would be a good idea to pause the renovations, and close off the bacteria infested stretching mat for weeks as well as have unusable treadmills patiently waiting to be simply plugged in. When the stretching mat was closed off for weeks, students tried their best not to be upset about the wait because they anticipated the school finally doing something to prevent the perpetual diseases such as pink-eye, staph, and others often caused from the poorly cleaned fitness center. However, when the caution tape was finally removed from the entrance to the stretching mats, absolutely nothing was changed. The exact stains, rips, and stench from years past were still evident and students still have no idea what the school plans to do about it.
Although the school might have plans to fix the fitness center, they have not informed students of specifics. All that students received was one email informing them that the fitness center would be closed off for “renovation” for the first few days of school. Aside from a decrease in the number of treadmills — something that has adamantly upset frequenters — all that was “renovated” was inconvenience. The line to use the machines has practically doubled during rush hour time at the gym and the two very small bottles of antibacterial spray as well as the paper towels used to spray it on were neither replaced nor available for students. There have been no emails to update students, no visible efforts, and — best of all — straight up lies. The line of treadmills poorly placed directly against the mirrors each had signs stating they would be ready for use by Oct. 1. These signs went up in September, and only a few days ago, as we enter our second week of November, were the treadmills ready for use.
As a senior, I can confirm that the school has put in minimal efforts towards the health and well-being of their students. The administration’s biggest concern is how they look in the public eye. For instance, Dean of Campus Life Joe DiChristina making “Homecoming dry” because of his proclaimed  concern over Trinity College’s drinking culture. If the administration would focus less on how much they can attempt  and most likely fail  to decrease underage and binge drinking and focus more on the concerns of the students, our student body would be able to release more endorphins and become less run down because of the sicknesses they are culminating at our painfully filthy gym. These endorphins would also make the students at Trinity—who are notorious for their ‘work hard, play hard’ mentality — more likely to focus in school, have better attitudes, and increase their physical health.

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