Johnny Depp Deserves an Apology: The Missing Equality Between Men’s and Women’s Allegations of Abuse 

Ava Caudle ’25

Staff Writer

TW: Abuse, sexual assault allegations 

Amber Heard is the poster child of court misogyny. Her allegations of domestic abuse towards Johnny Depp, which he countered with abusive records and allegations of his own, cumulated in a lawsuit from each of them against the other. As Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard progresses in court, the media coverage of the events discussed by both parties reveal a troubling picture of what it means to be a battered man in America, evident in both the public’s reaction and Heard’s own flippancy. 

When Heard first released her assault accusations, the public burst into outrage (and rightfully so: no woman should have to tolerate abuse from a partner, and there was not yet evidence to discredit her). She was asked to endorse and speak at women’s empowerment events and was hailed as a brave survivor coming forward to share her truth. Johnny Depp suffered an inverse fate—he lost his role in the Fantastic Beasts series, was assailed on social media, and grew into a pariah among his Hollywood counterparts, who were quick to cut their association with him. As his side of the story surfaced, painting Heard as the abuser, Depp was still held at arm’s length by his contemporaries while Heard was celebrated for her courage. Very few of his associates publicly announced support for him in the same manner that occurred for his former partner. The lack of enthusiasm to entertain Depp’s perspective from the beginning highlights a glaring issue in how the public views perpetrators and victims: that women can be victims without further interrogation, but men who speak up should be questioned. 

Heard’s lack of care towards her former partner can best be seen in an audio clip played in the courtroom, in which she admits to striking him and belittles him, “I’m sorry that I didn’t hit you across the face in a proper slap,” Heard says, “I was hitting you, I was not punching you.” The recording continues as she calls Depp “a f******* baby” for voicing his distress. While court photos and records show that both parties were negligent in the relationship and maintained toxic habits (such as drug use) while together, the degree of Amber Heard’s mistreatment was considerably harsher. Her callous attitude towards Depp reflects her confidence in her narrative; she is aware that women can be more easily classified as victims than men, and she likely knew of the difficulties that men who have suffered abuse face in the U.S. legal system. Heard’s actions are not a vision of an equitable America, but of a system that values palatability over justice. 

Heard began her accusations against Johnny Depp with sexual assault allegations, which then escalated into domestic abuse allegations. Her claims spread like wildfire at a time when the Internet elected to listen to the stories of women living with trauma, propelled by the #MeToo hashtag on social media. The #MeToo movement has created a myriad of positive outlets for victims of assault, but, in this particular instance, its centering on women serves as a detriment. While a technical facet of modern feminism includes advocating for men as well, this does not often translate to the real world: men can be disproportionately disregarded or met with annoyance when they reveal their own traumas. The mass publicity of Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard could be a catalyst in changing this vicious cycle. With public attention finally focused on a story of a man abused by a woman, perceptions can be altered. Men can be victims. Women can be abusers. Once this fact becomes common knowledge, reality can take a massive step towards equality. 

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  1. 1

    Katha: Neither Johnny Deep nor Amber Heard are perfect. Johnny Depp does not deserve an apology. We have a double standard, where men are automatically believed but women need to work ten times harder to prove the abuse. As soon as a woman does not act like a perfect victim (i.e., subservient and sexually “pure”), the world views her as a villain who should apologize and bow down to the man.

    The vitriol directed against Amber Heard is deeply misogynistic. It is obvious that people want Johnny Depp to be the “great hero” and Amber Heard to bow down to him.

    • 2

      Q30: We have a double standard, where men are automatically believed but women need to work ten times harder to prove the abuse.

      This is the _exact opposite_ of what happened between Depp and Heard. The double standard that you describe is truly the other way around.

      • 3
        Carmina Hughes

        That’s exactly the another way woman is to believe she’s being abused that’s what amber told depp I punched you I hit you but go go tell the world you’re a domestic victims they not going to believe you bc you’re a man? THAT’S JUSTICE FOR YOU SHE WAS HITTING AND PUNCHED HIM BUT SHE SAID I AM A WOMEM THEY NOT GOING TO BELIEVE YOU AND that’s where we are now you people still living in the past when a women bc she’s a women she can abused man and still accusing him nobody going to believe SHE USED HER GENDER TO DESTROY THOS INNOCENT MEN AND YOU STAND RUGHT THERE TO SUPPORT THIS ABUSE I BEIN THERE I NKNOW WHATS FERL SHE’S NOT A VICTIM SHE’S THR ABUSER SHE’S A NARCISSIST AND THAT’S BC PEOPLE LIKE YOU MEN IS AFRAID TO COMING FORWARD MY BEST FRIEND WAS KILLED BY HISCWIFE THST WAS ABUSED HIM FOR YEARS AND I WAS THE ONLY ONE KNEW BUT I COULDN’T HELP BC HE WAS AFRAID OF HER HES DEATH SHE KILL HIM DON’T JUDGE WSTCH THE TRIAL NOT THE DOCUMENTARY THE TRIAL THEN YOU CAN T A LK

      • 4
        Carmina Hughes

        Exactly the opposition women always believe and men doesn’t come forward bc people like you they have many men all there they are even killed by their wifed girlfriend that abused them over and over but they don’t come forward bc people like you

    • 5
      Kevin Giffin

      Kevin Giffin: What a complete crock. A woman has only to suggest that she was abused these days and the police, courts, and public get out the pitchforks and torches. What planet do you live on?

    • 7
      Jessica Klem

      Jessica Klem: 100%. He does not deserve an apology because he is an abuser. He lost his last lawsuit because of abundant evidence proving it. The evidence shows his many text apologies for his “monster” going too far. There is video of him violently raging at her while smashing up a kitchen while intoxicated. The blinders on to his horrible behavior and the misogyny directed at her is so disturbing. She was never supported in the public eye and he was always excused.

      • 8

        Brian: Amber is a predator and psychopath. He lost a trial in the UK. Clearly you don’t know anything about their procedures. Best part is now he has legal grounds to sue that toilet paper substitute, Washington post.

      • 9
        Carmina Hughes

        I don’t know where you so Johnny go after amber you’re totally wrong he went after the camera she post to video him he just lost his mother he slams cabinets but never ever laid his hands on her she abused him over and over they’re a lot of pictures online from red carpet from events with Johnny’s face full of bulruises his eyes swelling his face burn from a cigarette his eyes bruised this women is a lier and used her gender to false accused a innocent man the pics I am referring they never was show in court I searched and found online the only defense he had was the texts messages hr wrote to a friend at the end he was so broke and hurt he was talking with a friend try to understand and calling her sickness the monster he run he hired he went to hotels he left to another house when she start her punches and quicks even that she went after him and hotels or whatever he was if he abused her why she goes after him when he run away did you listen the tapes audio videos she punches him quick threw objects at him? SHE ADMITTED IN AUDIOS SHE USED HIM AS A PUNCHED BAG SHE ADMITED ON HER OWN WORDS SHE CHEATED ON HIM 36 TIMES DURING THE MARRIAGE SHE SLEP IN HIS BED WITH 2 PEOPLE IN THE SAME NIGHT SHE ABUSED HIM OVER AND OVER HER OWN FRIENDS WITMESS HER ABUSE AND CHEATING ON THIS MAN THE AUDIOS AND TAPES DON’T LYE I GUE A S YOU DIDN’T SEE ANYTHING you want to believe bc she has a angel face and she’s a women she’s disgusting she recruited underage girls for sexy drugs alcohol parties with rich men when this men was working she stole millions from sick children’s she hired a PI tobdig dirty on Johnny the PI WENT BACK TO HIS CHILDHOOD AND DIDN’T FIND NOTHING ONLY HE HRLPS PEOPLE HE PAYS SCHOOL COLLEGE FOR THE ONES CAN NOT PAY HE PAY HOUSE RENT FOR POOR PEOPLE EVEM LAWYER FEE FOR PEOPLE IN NEED THIS PI was hired by her when she found out the PI couldn’t find anything she fired the PI SHE hired a guy to kill johnny but he got scared and left he was sober and she keep feeding him the drugs drugs she used way before she met johnny she bought a knife and give to Johnny as a gift you think if your husband is an abuser you gave him a big knife as a gift? And another men just come forward he used to be her boy friend she beat him up he left her bc he was afraid of her he never went public another women did come forward amber almost kill this women with a wine opening she attack her former part5and went to jail for DV she was release latter she blackmail people in Hollywood to get in the movies she slept her way to get in Hollywood Kevin Costner just declared in front of 10 people amber went to his Trai naked try to seduced him when she was already dating johnny Costner threw her out and told evebody . She dud all that for money before she met depp she planned to married him she knew he was going to be in the movie so she ask someone to put her in contact with Johnny so she got the role she seduce johnny in the same night she went to his trailer and slept with him she has everything plan before she met him she lost and started abused him in the honey moon was witnessed from so many people when she found out she wasn’t in his will that’s when she started punches and quick abusing him physically emotionally psychological she’s acevil she’s dangerous how and why you think men can not be abuse just because he swearing and screaming? Imagine yourself being abuse day and night tell me you no going to open your mouth you going to accept in silence for the rest of your days he did for 6 years he suffered in silence this man have a lot to loose to come forward bc people like you think bc he’s a man he swears he the abuser I bring there I know I can tell you who’s the abuser the only evidence she show in court was him slamming cabinet but after he went for the camera he left and you see hervsmilind and take the camera down the tmz capture everything. You need to watch the trial not the documentary discovery put all there bc they manipulate to promote her movie. My best friend was kill from a women he loved bc she was abusing him her whole marriage punches Quick the same think Johnny suffered one day she lost completely and put a knife in his back she’s sick amber is the same she sick she’s a psychopath She’s narcissist she needs help she will kill someone. Please don’t accuse before you watc the trial I never was a fan or watch his movies I so the trial and the beginning I was on her side when I followed everything I so the real abuser. DON’T judge that’s the reason man is abused and doesn’t come forward bc people like you

      • 10
        Carmina Hughes

        He didn’t lost the lawsuit the judge was the father of the reporter that published in the SUN was a corrupt trial the judge was corrupt and after the trial he was forced to retired bc the UK JUSTICE FOUND THE CORRUPTION IN JOHNNY DEPP TRIAL IS UNDER INVESTIGATION AND JOHNNY PROBABLY GOING TO HAVE ANOTHER TRIAL SHE WAS THERE AS A WITNESS BUT SHE USED THE DAME FAKE PICS SHE USED IN VIRGINIA BUT WAS FOUND TO BE MANIPULATE AND THE DSTES WAS ALSO MANIPULATED WAS ONLY 1 JUDGE AND UNFORTUNATELY HE GAVE THE FINAL DECISION IN FAVOR OF HIS SON BC HIS SON WAS THE ONE PUBLISHED IN THE SUN and also he’s a amber best friend they were in parties together huge and kiss so don’t bring the UK trial bc doesn’t have anything to do with the trial in Virginia in Virginia was Johnny against to amber and she was GUILTY UNANIMOUS BY THE COURT OF LAW MALICIOUS AND THE ABUSER IN UK WAS JOHNNY AGAINST TO THE SUN MAGAZINE AND IS UNDER THE INVESTIGATION DON’T COMPARE AND DON’T JUDGE BEFORE YOU KNOW THE FACTS BECAUSE YOU’RE BRAINWASHED

    • 11
      KEB Mc

      KEB Mc: I don’t agree with your comment at all. I do agree that in the past, women had to fight to be believed in domestic and sexual abuses cases. However since the me-too movement it’s gone completely the other way. Men are now more than likely believed with little evidence. Some women are falsely accusing men for a variety of reasons. Of course not all cases of abuse towards women are false but they do happen and it’s difficult now for some men to be believed, especially if the man is the actual victim.
      I came into the Depp-Heard case with no preconceived ideas so I watched the trial to make my opinion. Both have issues and I think both have had history of being abused in their childhood. However, I found Ms Heard’s testimony to ring false. She was caught in many lies and the timing of her op-Ed is suspect.Current views because of the me-too on spousal/sexual abuse were in her favor, especially because Depp is a high profile man with a well know history of drug and alcohol issues and that many of the characters he’s portrayed have a dark side. Her testimony didn’t ring true as how a survivor of physical abuse would behave and the videos of her words towards Depp are damning. She seemed to have a penchant for recording and taking pictures of compromising pictures of Mr Depp but had no physical evidence of abuse towards her. Her evidence actually supported Depp’s allegations! Depp’s emails are repulsive but they don’t prove abuse. Some peoples reaction to abuse are dark fantasies towards their abusers, especially since they are disgusted with themselves because they’ve allowed the violence towards them to continue because they’ve stayed in the relationship too long. Ms Heard has a history of domestic abuse but Depp has not as is evidenced by former parters coming out in support for him. The fact that that there aren’t any me-tool’s against Mr Depp support his case. I’m not a star struck Depp fan and I haven’t even seen most of his movies. I also have no preconceived opinions of Ms Heard either. I think Mr Depp’s legal team has proven his case and I think the companies that cut him automatically when he was accused do owe him an apology. Powerful men deserve the same benefit of the doubt that women should get.

    • 12

      Brian: What the fuck are you talking about? Men are automatically believed? This entire lawsuit is literally the evidence that women are automatically believed…. It’s like you didn’t pay attention to anything.

    • 13

      Brian: Your comment is so far removed from critical thinking that it’s disturbing. No one said anything about “bowing down” to anyone. And it’s absolutely hysterical you think men are “automatically believed”. You’re either disingenuous or a moron.

    • 14
      Frank Basile

      Frank Basile: Or Amber is a manipulative ,arrogant piece of shit,who lied so many times under path it was sickening,besides her crazy ranting on recorded tapes and her horrible fake tears and acting,called out as deceptive by body language experts,its just that weak minded feminist shills,feed off the victim narrative..,they can accept that even one woman can be a vile lier,thanfully normal strong independent woman laugh at these perpetual victims so removed from reality

    • 15

      L: What a pathetic comment. Johnny Depp, a victim of false allegations and domestic violence, doesn’t deserve an apology from his abuser?

    • 16

      Chris: If you think that men are believed first your wrong. The only reason people sided with Johnny is because Amber Heard admitted over the phone that she abused him and she said that “nobody will believe you because your a man”. Before that evidence came out, everybody initially sided with her. Society still sadly thinks that men can’t be abused.

    • 17
      Carmina Hughes

      No watch thevtrial she abused him over and over she was punching him and telling him go go tell the world you’re a victim nobody will believe you bc you’re a men was her own words people loke you didn’t watch didn’t listen the tapes videos and audios still thinking men can not be abuse she’s dangerous evil narcissist she was going to kill him listen and watc the trial not the documentary she also said in her own words she was going to plant an abuser in the press to false accused him she said in the audios go and listen to the trial. She was going to fake an abuse IF HE DON’T GIVE HER WHAT SHE WANT

  2. 18

    Katha: Your comment that “reality can take a massive step towards equality” is extremely naive. Johnny Depp is a lot older than Amber Heard, he made a lot more money, and he was much more famous. They had a patriarchal marriage.

    If Johnny Depp “wins” this case, it will consolidate the patriarchy and set women back by about fifteen years. Johnny Deep shows that wealthy men can always hire the shrewdest lawyers and get their own way.

    What REALLY bothers me is that you automatically believe Johnny and distrust Amber. But of course, Johnny is a male and in our “enlightened” society, people believe the man much more than the woman.

    Misogyny lives.

    • 19

      Dee: You are apologizing for an abuser simply because you don’t want your own personal agenda to be harmed. You say “if Depp wins… it will set women back”. You don’t seem to care whether he was abused or not, you only care about “how this will effect women”. You outright admitted that you want the outcome that will be more convenient for women, rather than the actual justice that is due in the situation.

      In other words, you don’t care about him receiving justice because he is male. We have a word for that, and it’s called sexism.

    • 21

      AI: “If Johnny Depp “wins” this case, it will consolidate the patriarchy and set women back by about fifteen years. Johnny Deep shows that wealthy men can always hire the shrewdest lawyers and get their own way.”

      So a male abuse victim getting justice is anti-feminist and pro-patriarchy? Ditch the conspiracy theories. No wonder feminism is such a joke if that’s the level it reaches.

      “What REALLY bothers me is that you automatically believe Johnny and distrust Amber. But of course, Johnny is a male and in our “enlightened” society, people believe the man much more than the woman.”

      What absolute garbage. Depp was dragged through the mud on Amber Heard’s word because people automatically believed HER, and – unlike the so-called “evidence” against him – the evidence against her is overwhelming (on tape she mocks him, verbally abuses him, admits to violence corroborated by witnesses, and sexually coerces him). And – unlike her – he STILL has to fight to clear his name. You’d rather support that sort of horrendous abuse because stopping it is “pro-patriarchy” then?

      Grow up.

      • 22

        SMRT: YES! Thank you for all calling out this hypocrisy! Men can be victims too and AH was believed – While JD was vilified – with zero due process! Further – to the person commenting about the UK case – you obviously do not understand the ruling…it was between JD and the Sun and the ruling was that the Sun could write the article based on what AH told them – it had no ruling into fact or evidence of abuse. Go read the ruling please – stop spreading your misinformed hate because you want to fit the “down with patriarchy” mob! Men that are abused should also be listened to and supported – you do nothing to acknowledge the mounds of evidence presented by JD to prove AH fabricated everything for money and it’s a shame because you do a discredit to DV survivors as well as to due process and the justice system. Not everything is “it’s misogyny” or “it’s the patriarchy!” – there are cases that don’t fit that agenda and this is one of them. You would do yourself much more credit in accepting the reality of DV and the fact that women and men can be victims – all abusers – Regardless of GENDER (prejudice much) – should be protected while the accusations are investigated. Evidence overwhelmingly shows JD suffered abuse under AH.

    • 24
      Eva Spencer

      Eva Spencer: Are you purposely ignoring the mountains of evidence against her? Starting with her own recorded admissions of beating him? My God! I do not believe her, and I do not believe all women or men. I believe EVIDENCE. Both were verbally abusive, but the one who’s clearly guilty of physical, mental, psychological, and FINANCIAL abuse is her.

    • 25

      Laura: I like how you said people automatically believed Johnny and not Amber when Amber literally gained support for her actions and being seen as a hero who survived domestic abuse and Johnny has lost trust in many people and was cut from roles in upcoming movies. The reason people are starting to believe him is because of the EVIDENCE of Amber abusing HIM, she literally said it herself that she has struck him many times! She’s also manipulative! Lying to the judge is illegal you know, and don’t go spitting misogyny, if you think she represents us women then you’re the misogynist here, assuming the women who lies and victimizes herself is a representation of us is downright disgusting. And you’re claims of people wanting women to “bow” down to men is just delusional, have you taken your medication?

    • 26
      Elizabeth Duffy

      Elizabeth Duffy: Are you kidding me? Yes he has good lawyers but the mountain of evidence of her ADMITTING she hit him and also the proof that her photos were edited. Maybe you should listen to the whole trial before spouting your opinion!

    • 27

      Vica: What a BS.

      As a DV victim what turns my stomach is how US mainstream media and some Americans who rely solely on mainstream media are buying into this “Amber Heard represents us”. No she doesn’t, she represents perpetrators and if you bothered to listen to what evidence is available, do your own research, you’d know this because she was so keen on recording everything and everyone all the time. JD then began recording her after she filed the order. What victim begs to be accepted back? She did. What victim texts 6 months before the TRO with friends about said friends delivering her knives, of her having to have a talk aka threaten the life of her significant other if he misbehaved? Not to mention the recordings. The backlash on Heard is because the evidence is out there, the world didn’t turn on her because JD is this a star or that a powerful or rich man, who cares? Her on those recordings are triggering DV victims. She’s recorded abusing him, gaslighting him, mocking him, taunting him, and after the finger-incident crying admitting that she did it. That is why the world does not believe Amber Heard’s testimony. She doesn’t represent DV survivors and somehow Mainstream media and those who don’t bother to form their own opinion would rather label eg me (a female DV and child abuse victim) mysogynystic than try and entertain the thought that a man can be victim. This verdict did not set back anything, Heard and Bredehoft hopes it would and tell wherever they can that it did but it didn’t. It took a huge leap forward removing inequality from MeToo. Men can say MeToo. Men can be victims just like women, women can be perpetrators just like Men. Abuse has no gender. Only in oversimplified USA is it so inconceivable that equality means equality and not a coin flip. If you want equality then that means everyone equal, and if you want fair treatment of victims then ensure that all cases regardless of gender are investigated thoroughly and nobody gets refused. It shouldn’t be “believe all women”. It should be “believe all victims by going through a humane, empathic but thorough and unbiased process of investigation”. Believe the truth, and don’t assign a gender to the truth. I’m not saying this because I’m a JD fan, I’m saying this because instead of the verdict being seen for what it really means, there’s a false narrative to suppress it. It should’ve brought into light the achievement of a male victim standing up for himself. Instead, he’s still accused, his accuser still hailed. It’s nothing short of ridiculous that when justice prevails in the US, mainstream media in the US refuses to acknowledge it, feeding the masses their own false narrative. Wake up. Heard framed and abused Depp. Heard used MeToo. Like it or not, the evidence is out there.

  3. 28

    DCH: You seem to be unaware that Depp filed a case in England against the Sun for calling him a wife beater. That trial went along the same path it is going so far in the US with the exception that it was not televised. Depp’s attorneys presented his case and then his case was badly dismantled when the defense presented theirs. While that trial was not televised, it was heavily documented. In the case of that trial, most on social media said Depp would win. Of course there was an innate bias in most of those conclusions – Depp is a popular star. Yet experts found that many on social media were playing down the evidence against Depp and over-emphasizing problems with the Sun and Heard. The Judge could have cared less about celebrity-dom and his comments toward Depp were scathing. Of course the Judge also waited until the trial was over before coming to a conclusion. Unlike you, that Judge also heard the defense’s case. That is how trials work. The plaintiff’s attorneys has evidence it presents and witnesses it calls. The defense is allowed to cross-examine. The defense then has evidence it presents and witnesses it calls. The plaintiff’s attorneys are allowed to cross-examine. You have arrived at your conclusion before the first part of this trial has even been concluded. I don’t believe Depp deserves an apology. I paid close attention to the details of the first trial and the reality is the evidence against Depp is damning to say the least. Even with the plaintiffs going first, the evidence is pretty damning against Depp. That is unless I would give myself to rationalization. This trial, as with the UK trial, has the stench of a DARVO situation. Not only is it maybe best to wait for his lengthy, expected to go 6 weeks, trial to conclude. It may be a good idea to look over the concept of DARVO. For considering the horrific nature of Depp’s texts, the rage caught on video, the reactions to drug and alcohol abuse, etc. that has already been demonstrated, for you to arrive at this conclusion – let along refusing to hear the rest of the case – is perplexing.

    • 29

      Q30: Maybe you should check-out the sworn testimony by the couple’s Bahamas property manager. She testified that on several occasions, Amber would assault Johnny and Johnny would try to get away from her. She claimed that Amber was the truly violent one. That’s a bit more ‘damning’ than a video in which he kicks a kitchen cabinet. Amber sliced the tip of his finger off, but you don’t bat an eyelash at that do you.

    • 30

      Gere: The UK case had a lot of evidence blocked and not allowed, almost anything against Heard was not allowed. So I’m guessing you didn’t pay THAT close of attention. Just like now when they ask direct witnesses things they were told directly by Amber Heard and her lawyers object.. or when her lawyers ask questions and object to their OWN questions.

      And no. Not a single case of abuse by Johnny has been shown. You know what HAS been shown? Her faking injuries with make-up. Her being physically and emotionally abusive (including her Ex who said the exact same thing about Amber). Her lying about money. Her lying to her friends about the abuse and them running upstairs to see that she was actually fine because they got in before her.

      If these genders were reversed, your type would be shouting “Heard is a monster!” from the mountains. She cut part of his freaking finger off…. let that sink into your head. When he was on drugs he yelled at her after she smashed his face in. Oh yeah, yeah. “They are equally against each other.” Get over it. This is the first time we’ve actually heard Depp’s case fully, because the UK case was a joke. This case is really showing the misandry in so many people.

    • 31
      Eva Spencer

      Eva Spencer: There is no comparison between the UK trial and the one here in the U.S. The judge in the UK did not allow all of the evidence that we are seeing in the U.S., and here we have a jury. The two cases are nothing alike. Thank goodness for the cameras in the court room because without them we would have to rely on the MSM, and so far, they continue pushing their very biased, pro defendant narrative. Even if she wins, the world has seen ALL of the evidence and the evidence speaks for itself. It’s sad, but that defendant has done a tremendous disservice to domestic violence victims/survivors all over the world. Domestic violence doesn’t discriminate. Women AND men can be victims, and men AND women can be abusers.

    • 32

      Vica: The problem with DARVO is what if it’s the classic projection where the perpetrator plays victim. I’ve been accused by my own abuser. Yes DARVO is a sickening tactic in the court room when the victim is indeed the victim. When the victim is lying and is in fact the abuser then DARVO is the most effective tactic to dismantle the lie.

      I’m in the UK and I laugh every time someone compares the two cases because they are completely different. In the UK the legal system puts the onus on the defendant to prove that the statement is not defamatory. In the US the plaintiff is to prove that the statement is defamatory. In the UK Depp sued The Sun, not Heard. Heard was gladly participating as a WITNESS, subsequently, Depp’s evidence of being abused largely got thrown out because Heard was not the defendant. In the UK Heard testified she donated the money (donated, not pledged and these don’t have synonymous meanings.) the judge in fact reasons with that at one point as that’s why she can’t be a gold digger. It raised her character profile and therefore the value of her testimony which is just as much a mess as in the US. She didn’t have to prove her words. Depp was not allowed to bring in evidence to disprove her words. Then a judge whose son works at the publisher, ruled for The Sun. Depp appealed on legal error due to the donations playing a role which should of granted him an appeal. He was denied, and a judicial review or an appeal in this country is a complete joke, take that from someone who tried to bring a case to judicial review a few months ago and frankly, stopped receiving the mandatory court documentation even, let alone the statutory disclosure to proceed. UK legal system is a complete joke. But simply in the UK Depp sued the Sun and the Sun basically only needed to parade Heard into testifying (who clearly gladly participated, she made up the story after all) and show her after-Botox images as injuries. In the US Depp sued Heard and with burden on plaintiff to prove their case, he could bring in his evidence. Completely different. This is why in the US evidence has not been suppressed and why I believe Depp wanted it televised for the world to see the evidence, as presented on court. Not via mainstream media twisting and adding their narrative as they do following the verdict.

      • 33
        An old-school feminist

        An old-school feminist: I agree. Just one correction. Amber Heard supporters keep spreading the erroneous statement that Johnny wanted this court case televised (as clearly he is a major narcissist). And sometimes also people who view this case objectively attribute it to Johnny.
        The truth is that it was the judge who wanted this court case testified. She was worried about a huge number of people who were interested/invested in this trial and she wanted to avoid additional burden to the courthouse (even with live streaming, there were days when over a thousand people wanted to get in). What is true is that Johnny Depp agreed to the judges decision and Amber Heard protested against it (I guess we now know why). Just wanted to set it straight. As it is an erroneous claim that is used by the MSM and Amber Heard supporters to twist the truth and show Johnny Depp in disadvantageous light. 🙂

      • 35
        Carmina Hughes

        Exactly thr judge was corrupt his son was the one publisher the add in the SUN the judge was his father and he gave in favor of his son the judge was obligated to retired after this trial and maybe Johnny depp will have another trial the UK justice OF DEPARTMENT is investigating this case

  4. 36

    Martin: Perhaps my own experience illustrates the challenge that a male victim of domestic abuse may face.

    After I’d attempted suicide in Montreal in 2001, the psychiatrist told me based on no proof that I’d done so as an alternative to killing my wife.

    Luckily for me, however emotionally and sexually abusive she was, at least she wasn’t the kind to make false accusations. She just looked confused at the doctor’s comment, turned to me, then berated me for my attempt.

    Seeing no help there, I left to work abroad.

    It was as if the doctor was trying to prod my wife to make an accusation.

  5. 37

    Mitchell: I’ll admit that I haven’t been following this drama religiously, but everything I have seen paints a picture of a mutually toxic relationship.

    One that should’ve ended when they broke up, and yet it has been dragged through the public square, in order to harm only one member of the relationship. Amber Heard has not, and likely will never see any form of punishment or justice for her abuse of Johnny, unlike the reverse.

    This is not a unique story, whenever stories of toxic relationships surface the judgements fall far more heavily on men, sometimes, especially in the cases of physical violence this is reasonable, but in a lot of cases the true story is far greyer than we’re willing to accept.

  6. 38
    Mario Rodgers

    Mario Rodgers: Johnny Depp is not the patriarchy. Johnny Depp is one man. One man who was a victim. Funny how “feminism helps men” until it’s time for the rubber to meet the road. Funny how it’s “believe victims” unless the victim is male.

  7. 39

    Ines: I agree with you Kathy. Johnny Depp is not a Saint. But he was clearly abused. His former partners support him whereas amber heard has a history of abuse.

    For those who still have doubts, about women abusers never being punished, watch the red pill documentary in youtube.

  8. 40
    Marcos Siqueira

    Marcos Siqueira: The truth is: people (man and woman alike) can be mean. That is why, in the liberal political order, created since the enlightment, accusations cannot mean guilt! JD life was destroyed just because he was a man and his accuser was a woman. This is unacceptable! The #metoo has reverted the liberal legal order, destroyed countless lives and carved a scar for future generations.

  9. 41

    Laura: DARVO can go both ways; all abusers, male or female, blame their victims for their actions. Some use huge leaps in logic, whereas others -like Amber- gaslight.

    The problem isn’t Amber being an imperfect victim: Johnny is. While money can mean power, it is not unusual for abusers to control the moneymaker. Her youth is also a power, one she wielded quite readily: there’s more people let you get away with, and you can actually have a leg up on someone older from more agility and often more strength (especially since Amber works out way more than Johnny).

    However, one of the biggest things people are forgetting is how victims are targeted. People with psychiatric conditions are more likely to be victims of crime than perpetrators. They are targeted because they are more vulnerable, more easily manipulated, and less likely to be believed, even by so-called professionals. Victims will often get victimized over and over, because new abusers can “smell” that hurt, that vulnerability.

    Oh, and the blackout thing is BS, too. First off, it should not be assumed that all drug users black out. Second, people who are missing time -whether from drugs or other conditions- know they are missing time. Things have changed, they wake up elsewhere, etc. He was actively getting help and open about his problems; if he was suffering blackouts, there would be records on his charts, texts of him inquiring what happened, something. Do you think of those existed, considering the défense got unredacted text logs for 10 years and all of his medical records, they wouldn’t have screamed that proof from the rooftops?

    People believe Johnny because that’s what the evidence supports.

  10. 42
    Bob Brian

    Bob Brian: Say what you will about Amber Heard. Personally, I don’t think the ACLU should’ve ever chosen her to pen the op-ed in the Washington Post as a representative of domestic abuse victims. It simply wasn’t her story to tell.

    Yet for all of Heard’s lack of credibility, Johnny Depp has shown himself to be no better. He can gloat and crow and fist bump with his adoring fans over his win in court all he wants — it doesn’t change the fact that he still comes across as a vengeful prima donna.

    In his own words, Depp wanted his ex-wife to suffer “total global humiliation”. That’s exactly what he got.

    The public humiliation of Amber Heard was the result of Depp’s rabid support on social media — funded in part by a shady far-right media outlet — in addition to an ugly and deeply misogynistic schmear campaign that at worst, Depp knowingly encouraged, or at the very least, tacitly approved of.

    Depp clearly couldn’t care less that his ex-wife and those who testified on her behalf have been harassed and have received death threats as a result of a public trial he himself instigated. He couldn’t care less that the extreme public hatred for Heard, and anyone who supports her, might discourage real victims of abuse from coming forward.

    He couldn’t care less that he’s paved the way for abusers to follow his example to try to intimate and silence their victims — i.e. see the defamation lawsuit filed by Depp’s buddy, Marilyn Manson, against ex-girlfriend Evan Rachel Wood, one of several women who’ve accused Manson of sexual abuse.

    Depp’s claims that he’s the real victim of abuse are ironic given that he’s shown no concern whatsoever for those who’ve been targeted by his more fanatical fans. If he really cared about victims of abuse, he might’ve at least tried to discourage his fans from turning the trial into a public circus. He could’ve denounced the extreme hate towards Heard, or at the very least, publicly condemned the death threats she’s received.

    But a de-escalation of the angry mob who continues to harass Heard even after the trial has ended was not what Depp wanted. He wanted revenge. It was never just about “clearing his name”.

    In all likelihood, Depp and Heard were in fact mutually abusive towards one another. It’s obvious that they brought out the worst in each other. And… (I know I’ll get flamed for even suggesting this) it’s possible that at least some of the abuse she talked about while on the stand was true — like when he kicked her on a flight due to his jealousy, which his own assistant later confirmed happened.

    Anyone who’s followed Depp’s career knows that he’s displayed a volatile temper and violent outbursts long before he even met Heard. As far as the public knows, he’s never made a concerted effort to address those problems, probably because he’s rarely faced real consequences for such behavior. Is it so hard to believe that he’d bring that baggage into a marriage and it could perhaps manifest itself as abusive behavior towards his wife?

    Yet Depp’s defamation lawsuit was never about any of that. It was a childish attempt on his part to have the last word. No matter what one thinks about the UK trial, he HATED that the judge found in favor of his ex-wife based on evidence that Depp had, in fact, abused her multiple times. He just couldn’t let it go. To Depp, this had become a zero-sum battle to gain the upper hand by seeing Heard brought low.

    Rather than accept responsibility for his role in a mutually abusive, toxic relationship and move on, Depp decided to sue Heard for penning an op-ed that didn’t even refer to him specifically. An op-ed that he probably didn’t care enough about to read at first. Depp can carry a grudge with the best of them, and if Heard hadn’t penned the op-ed, he likely would’ve tried to find another way to get back at her and sooth his fragile ego.

    They’re both toxic and they’ve both done awful things. In the end, none of us will ever know for sure who was more abusive towards the other, or who had the moral high ground (probably neither) — no matter how closely we’ve followed this sordid plot.

    Yet Depp’s money and fame, and let’s face it, his gender, have largely shielded him from the same vitriol and hateful public backlash his ex-wife is now facing.

    Johnny Depp is put on a pedestal, when in reality, he appears to be as petty and as vindictive of a narcissist as Amber Heard.

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