In Memory of Nurse Jodi Peikes

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On Friday, Nov. 4, 2016, the Trinity College community lost one of its loyal and beloved members, Jodi Peikes, after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. Jodi worked tirelessly as a nurse practitioner in the Health Center six days a week since 2009. Despite numerous chemotherapy cycles, Jodi took care of students with a smile on her face every single day. It was unknown to the students that she was struggling with her health for years. She forever put her students’ needs before herself. Jodi was known for her smile, generosity, and unwavering love and support.
In an obituary published in the Hartford Courant, Jodi’s work at Trinity was described as “[one of] her favorite positions…She felt blessed to have the opportunity to work with the…student populations and she was surrogate mother to many young people.” She described it as “[one of] her dream jobs.”
Kathy Rodogiannis ’17, a student who got to know Jodi well, wrote, “Jodi was one of the most compassionate and caring people I have ever met. I am so blessed to have known her and had a relationship with her. She was more than just a nurse to me. She was my confidant, friend, cheerleader, and more.” Rodogiannis further noted that even after her father “passed [Jodi] was graciously devoted to helping me in any way she could, even though she was hurting herself. I feel like I just lost another parent. Her positive energy was infectious, and she helped me in more ways than she could ever know. I am deeply saddened at this tragedy and all of my love goes out to her family and loved ones. I hope her soul is resting now and that someone is taking care of her, like she tirelessly took care of everyone around her. Jodi will forever be in our hearts. May her memory be eternal.”
Joe DiChristina, Dean of Campus Life, reflected on his interactions with Jodi. “In each conversation, she talked about her love of working with Trinity students. It was evident that in all that she did in life, she placed a high priority on caring for others. Her gifts of care and dedication will long be remembered at Trinity and by all members of our community who interacted with [her].”
Maggie Elias ’17 wrote, “No matter what kind of day I was having, my brief interaction with Jodi always put a smile on my face. I am so thankful for her. She made every visit to the Heath Center that much more welcoming and I could always count on her to be my mother away from home.”
As stated in her obituary, “Jodi touched so many lives during her time here on earth and was an inspiration to many both personally and professionally. She was loved deeply and will be missed by all who were fortunate to have known her.”
She is survived by her husband, four incredible children, and many other family members and friends. Services were held on Sunday, Nov. 6, 2016 and over 500 people, including many members of the Trinity community attended. Jodi’s energy, love, and positivity will be irreplaceable. The Trinity family extends their love and support to her family. -MAE
“Like so many people in the Trinity community I was devastated to hear of Jodi’s passing this weekend. Jodi shaped my experience at Trinity way more than she will ever know and I continue to reflect on her lessons and insight as I start my post-graduate journey. When I made an appointment to see Jodi my freshmen year to discuss what I thought was the flu I expected a mere temperature reading and perhaps a free Netty pot. I never expected to be greeted with such compassion and caring and I would have told you you were crazy if you had told me that that mid-week meeting in the health center would prove to be one of my most valuable and important conversations in my time at Trinity. My friendship with Jodi would continue to bud and develop over the remaining four years of my time at the college. Jodi had the insight and wisdom of a great adventurer and passionate explorer, the warmth and affection of a mother and the loyalty and compassion of a once-in-a-lifetime friend. We became especially close my senior year as I would stop into the health center every few weeks to catch up with a woman who simultaneously played the role of confidant, therapist, partner-in-crime, mother and friend. With her perceptive eye, gentle voice and infallible positivity Jodi guided me through a number of senior year existential crises. There was not an occasion when I saw Jodi that I would not leave her presence feeling more optimistic about the world and my place in it. That alone is the mark of a truly remarkable friend and a beautiful human being. My thoughts and prayers are with the family of my most missed Trinity pal.” – Sean Dunn ’16
“Jodi was one of the first people that made me feel valued in our community. When I was undergoing the transitional stresses of acclimating to our community here, I experienced abnormal medical symptoms that made the transition to Trinity even harder than it naturally is. Jodi, with her kindness and warmth, was whole-heartedly invested in making sure that I could not only walk out of the office with my symptoms cleared up, but that I was healthy, and able to start enjoying my time here ‘neath the elms. Her kindness and empathy was so contagious that it almost felt as if she was feeling the pain that I was going through with me, and that she wanted it to stop immediately. After my medical issues cleared up, she continued to be my point person with whatever else happened to me medically. She always remembered the details of my life, continually asking about my parents work, or my sisters academics. I was consistently amazed because we rarely saw each other! I will miss her enormous heart, infectious kindness, and nursing talent with the rest of the Trinity Community. While Jodi did not deserve to have her life ended early by this disease, I can safely say that Jodi was one of the reasons that I stayed at Trinity. Thank you Jodi, for everything that you have given me.” – Anonymous ’17

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