Perks of Small Liberal Arts Colleges

Katherine Rohloff ’19
Features Editor

When I decided to go to Trinity, the first question my friends asked me was, “Oh, do you mean the one in Ireland?” After I cleared that confusion up, the second question they would typically ask was, “Why are you going to such a small school?”
At the time I decided on Trinity, one of the reasons influencing my decision was the desire to go a school that would be roughly the same size as my high school. However, now going into my sophomore year, I have come to really appreciate the lesser known benefits of going to a small liberal arts institution.
Throughout my time at Trinity, I have had many chances to get involved in activities that I am passionate about as well as being able to have personalized attention from my professors and other members of faculty that aren’t available for students who go to larger colleges. Small classes are also a huge benefit, for better or for worse, depending on the reading for the day. And, there is no better feeling in the world than walking down the Long Walk and knowing a majority of the people strolling down it.
However, sometimes the campus can feel too small, as if everyone is existing in a fishbowl. Sometimes I long to go to a large university in order to have the anonymity factor in case I am having a bad day or just need a break from the small campus life.
But, at the end of the day I am happy to be going to a small college. It provides the sense of community for me without feeling like I am missing out on meeting people who I normally might not meet if I attended a larger school.
To me, that is one of the largest benefits of them all. College is about meeting new people and trying new things and a small liberal arts college allows you to do just that without having to sacrifice a large portion of your time or energy. It’s a small college so everyone gets to know everyone else eventually.

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