“Spotlight” explains the importance and power of journalism

In its finest hours, journalism has the power to inform, explain or examine any given event or topic.  It also has the power to ruin someone’s reputation or falsely accuse someone, but in its most powerful and important role, a piece of journalism has the power to expose. The film “Spotlight” explains exactly how that works.
As a chronicle of the Boston Globe’s 2002 exposé, “Spotlight” examines how a small team of investigative reporters was able to uncover one of the largest scandals of all time and reveal the truth behind the Catholic Church protecting thousands of priests accused of molesting children.
Superbly acted by Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton, Rachel McAdams, Liev Schreiber and Brian d’Arcy James, the film blends beautiful film making with shocking truth and realism.  As the team begins to revisit one past claim of sexual misconduct within the Boston archdiocese, they unravel more and more than they anticipated.  They begin to track down more survivors and soon realize that nearly 90 priests in the Boston Catholic church had their criminal actions covered up by the Catholic Church.  Their report, which lasted for years and included hundreds of articles, brought awareness across the globe as to the severity and breadth of the controversy.
While the film itself was masterfully produced and led by an all-star cast, its importance transcends just cinematic relevance.  It shows the importance of press, and how quality journalism is not afraid of the powers they report on.  Throughout the film, the team uncovers various methods used by the church to cover up their scandal, and how they were able to manipulate their supporters into keeping their secrets.  Despite taking on one of the largest and most powerful institutions in the world, the spotlight investigation proves that truth, as shocking as it may be, can defeat any evil.
Journalism, a tool of enourmous power and importance, too often is not used as responsibly as it should be.  “Spotlight” tells the story of a team of investigators who acted out of a sense of moral obligation to their community.  They showed what true journalistic integrity looks like, and with any luck inspired similar work by aspiring writers everywhere.

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