Trintoberfest: thank you to Barnyard

This past Friday, Oct. 16, Trinity College Barnyard Entertainment hosted their annual Trintoberfest on the Main Quad. Of the various events I have attended over my past three years, this has been one of the most enjoyable. With the various clubs and groups from all across campus hosting tables and the delicious food and drink, it was a wonderful way to come together as a community. The music was loud, people were hanging out and laughing, faculty and staff were in attendance – it was a picture perfect scene that is not often seen at Trinity. I cannot remember the last time I saw that large of a turnout for a campus-wide activity that did not involve partying, a live artist, or a sporting event.
Barnyard deserves a huge thank you and recognition for putting on such a positive event. Despite some past events being sparsely attended, the committee has never given up and their passion can be seen.
If I did not know people who are a part of the committee, I would not know about all the time and effort that goes into making these events happen. They put on these events seamlessly. As a result, I do not think the entire Trinity community often realizes the extent of their work either. People show up, receive a wonderfully designed t-shirt, a high-quality stein, free beer and food, and can socialize with their friends with almost no effort. But, who made that possible?
These individuals, who have a million other things on their plate, truly give Barnyard Entertainment their all and this energy is contagious. In my opinion, I think it is hard to find a group that genuinely cares about the entire Trinity College community as much as they do. They dedicate hours upon hours to put on events for everyone else to enjoy. They get happiness out of seeing the Trinity community coming together and having fun. They want every single person on campus involved. That takes a special kind of person.
As we focus and work on changing the Trinity’s campus culture and atmosphere, it is important to remember those efforts that have remained steady – Barnyard being one. We do need to improve a great deal as a community, but we cannot overlook these great things going on around us.
So, thank you Barnyard Entertainment for your continued hard work and dedication. I look forward to the other wonderful events you will host in the future. Your committee is the epitome of the Trinity spirit and that could be seen this past weekend at Trintoberfest.

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