The Bistro at Trinity College Leaves Us Students Hungry for Our Long-Gone Favorite Bites

Julia Pecora ’25

Features Editor

The Bistro, Trinity College’s beloved dining hall, has been a hub of culinary delights for students and faculty alike. Known for its warm ambiance and delicious offerings, the Bistro has long been a go-to spot for campus food enthusiasts. However, this academic year, the Bistro has left many patrons with a bitter taste in their mouths as it bid adieu to two cherished staples – the Pesto Caprese Sandwich and Bruschetta Chicken.

For years, the Pesto Caprese Sandwich, with its harmonious blend of fresh mozzarella, ripe tomatoes, basil pesto and sometimes grilled chicken, was a symbol of comfort and taste. Accompanying it was the Bruschetta Chicken, a delectable dish that combined grilled chicken with a zesty tomato bruschetta topping, providing a burst of flavors with every bite. Both items had become fan favorites, drawing students back to the Bistro time and again.

However, the start of this academic year brought a surprise that nobody was expecting. The Bistro decided to remove these beloved dishes from its menu, leaving the Trinity College community in shock and disappointment. The decision has sparked widespread conversations across campus, with students expressing their dismay on social media platforms and in person.

An anonymous senior at Trinity College expressed her disappointment, saying, “I used to look forward to having the Pesto Caprese Sandwich at least once a week. It was like a little treat amidst the stress of classes. I don’t understand why they would take away something so popular.”

The removal of these fan favorites has left many wondering about the reasoning behind the decision. Bistro staff, when approached for comment, cited the need for menu changes to accommodate new culinary trends and dietary preferences. They emphasized their commitment to providing diverse and appealing options for their patrons.

While change is inevitable, some students are finding it hard to adjust to the absence of these signature dishes. An anonymous sophomore said, “The Pesto Caprese Sandwich was the highlight of my week. Now I’m struggling to find something I enjoy as much. I hope the Bistro management listens to the students and brings it back.”

Despite the disappointment, many Trinity College students are skeptical that the Bistro will introduce new menu items that capture their taste buds and provide the same level of satisfaction as the iconic Pesto Caprese Sandwich and Bruschetta Chicken. For now, the campus community eagerly awaits the Bistro’s next move, hoping for a culinary comeback that will reignite their love for the campus dining hall.

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