Tripod Editor Believes B.o.B. Spring Weekend Headliner

Trinity’s annual Spring Weekend is fast approaching and many on campus are wondering who the headliner will be this year. There has been rampant speculation, with guesses ranging from T-Pain to 12 year old rapper Matt Ox. Unfortunately, to this point the Barnyard has done an excellent job at remaining silent. However, I recently heard a rumor that the artist is none other than B.o.B. The EAC has not confirmed this information and a spokesperson for the artist could not be reached, but I am saying that in my opinion, the performer must be B.o.B. Do I have the authority or information to properly announce the headliner? Absolutely not. Nevertheless, I am making my claim in as public a manner as possible.
B.o.B. is headlining Spring Weekend! At least I think so, and if the Barnyard knows otherwise they should come out and say so. If this article garners no official response, I will have no choice but to take their silence as confirmation and you should do the same. We live in the era of fake news, so why not enjoy it, take this opinion article as fact, believe that B.o.B. is performing at Spring Weekend 2018 and maybe it will be so. Did I mention he’s a flat earther?

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