Trump's Twitter Both Gratifying and Controversial

Let’s talk Tweets, Twitter, and of course, politics. Social media has always been used as a way for people to express themselves and different aspects of their lives. Many people also choose to use social media to share their opinions on various current events and politics. Long before the Trump era, social media was used to spread information, ideas, and opinions across party lines. Even before President Trump took office or began his campaign, he was a frequent Twitter user, being one of the many celebrities who shares every thought and idea on social media.
I’m not a radical republican who worships the ground President Trump walks on. I think every person who has aligned themselves to a party should be aware of the faults even within their own party, because there is no perfect political party. I can see the faults within my party and even in my president. Using social media to connect with millennials and American youth is a brilliant idea. These are the people who are not actively voting (ages 18-24) and if anyone wants to see a change, we need to educate, share information, and get people into the polling booths.
Part of what makes President Trump so unique compared to other politicians is that he doesn’t beat around the bush and worry about being politically correct. In all honesty, being politically correct isn’t going to help policy changes. I see being politically correct essentially censoring the issue; if you can’t talk about it bluntly and say it how it is, then what’s the point? That’s part of the reason that makes Trump so unique, unlike every other previous politician. He doesn’t talk about the issue without fully addressing it. He will bluntly and harshly address whatever issue the United States is facing. Every politician ought to follow that lead and address everything without worrying about hurting someone’s feelings or being politically correct.
Here is where it can get a little grainy when using social media. I don’t agree with how President Trump is using Twitter to insult people. I think there is nothing wrong with disagreeing with another politician and expressing that, but what the other politician believes in is an idea and opinion, and it has nothing to do with their character or who they are as a person. President Trump isn’t the first person and surely won’t be the last to insult someone over social media, but when you’re in the spotlight of being America’s leader, a level of discretion should be used.
The use of Twitter and social media should absolutely continue to be used as an outreach tactic to younger voters to keep them informed, since they seem to be attached like a magnet to their phones and social media accounts. The fact that President Trump says things that stir pot and gets people talking is important. Before he was president, there wasn’t enough conversation happening about policy change. At the same time, the level of passion that he has which drives his insulting tweets towards other people should change.

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