You, The Reader, and the Future of the Trinity Tripod

Liz Foster ’22 and Kat Namon ’22

Managing Editors

We, as the new managing editors, want the Tripod to be even more of an accessible outlet for students interested in all kinds of writing, journalism, and current events (both at Trinity and beyond) and a platform in which we can showcase the breadth of talent and skill we both know students at Trinity possess and are capable of achieving. We, as an institution, have the resources, the time, the funds, and the talent on this campus to be a catalyst for change through the words we write and the messages that we convey. 

The benefits of being a member of the Tripod are vast, something many students on campus fail to remember. Potential alumni connections, writing and editing experience, experience with software that we use to layout the pages like Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop, are all valuable skills and assets that people in a variety of fields search for in potential employees or applicants to various academic programs following Trinity. Just imagine the possibilities for your LinkedIn page or your post-graduate resume.

If I had a dollar for every time someone came to me or a fellow editor claiming they were going to write an article within the upcoming weeks, I would have many, many dollars. Most students are unaware that starting to write for the Tripod is much easier than it may appear to be. For example, let’s pretend you want to write about an album that just came out: your first course of action should be to email, text, call, yell to, tweet at, or engage any other form of contact you prefer, ANY member of our staff. If you don’t know anyone on the Editorial Board, email us at Otherwise, submit your piece online through the “Getting Involved” page of our website. More often than not, your article will appear in an upcoming issue of the Tripod and you’ll be a published author.

In addition, writing a newspaper article is rather simple, despite the format varying from section to section. News is fact-based reporting, and provides the writer with an opportunity to broaden their network of contacts by requiring them to reach out to whoever their story focuses on, often members of Trinity’s various departments and organizations. Opinion covers whatever subject the writer wishes to cover, and provides writers with a platform in which their voice can be heard. Sports is also fact-based reporting, but focuses on the various teams we have here at Trinity, giving students an opportunity to delve into the different activities and athletes that play on campus. Features is a more light-hearted and fun version of news, focusing on subjects ranging from events occurring on campus to professors who have made a lasting impact on students during their time here at the college. Arts and Entertainment provides writers with a creative outlet to discuss their own thoughts on all forms of artistic expression, and inform the campus about different Trinity artistic events often hosted at our very own Austin Arts Center.   

Now that you have the lowdown on each section, you can reach out to the section editors, managing editors, and even our editor-in-chief for help  in writing for whichever section appeals to you.  

The Tripod always aims to improve as a college paper and build upon its previous work. Often, editors are the ones writing the majority of articles every week. In an ideal world, our list of staff writers would be flourishing, creating a system where editors are only primarily responsible with editing, leaving us with enough hands on deck to ensure the success of the Tripod for years to come. However, recent semesters have left us with a dwindling number of writers as upperclassmen prioritize other commitments or simply graduate, as often occurs with student organizations on our campus.

In order to expand the ideas, perspectives, and of the Tripod, more writers are essential. We seek to expand the Tripod to feature new ideas, different perspectives, and ensure that the many voices of Trinity College are represented.

Ultimately, we are a paper for the people and by the people. Become a part of Trinity’s history and join the Tripod today!


Brendan W. Clark '21 is the current Editor-in-Chief of the Trinity Tripod, Trinity College's student newspaper.

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