Dodgers Beat the Braves to Advance to World Series

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Mateo Vazquez ’21

Sports Editor

Despite facing an altered season, one which was shortened due to the coronavirus pandemic, Major League Baseball has finally arrived at its World Series, featuring the Los Angeles Dodgers against the Tampa Bay Rays. Both teams had their respective series tied up at (3-3) before finally breaking through in the last round to move onto the series. A particularly interesting team for this series is the Tampa Bay Rays. The Rays suffered a 7-4 loss against the former series champs, the Houston Astros, on Friday night but proceeded to rally on Saturday, subsequently beating the Astros 4-2. This is the second time in franchise history that Tampa has ever made it to the series. In 2008, the team lost their chance at the title to the Philadelphia Phillies, and they have yet to return to the championship. If Tampa Bay is able to beat the Dodgers, it will not only be a momentous event for the franchise, but also a massive accomplishment in their journey to achieve their first World Series win. 

The Dodgers in particular had quite a comeback in the national league as they were down by two games to the Atlanta Braves earlier on in the season. They made a slight comeback, that looked to be promising during Game Three. However, in Game Four, Atlanta won again, dropping  a 10-2 victory on the Dodgers. It appeared as if the Dodgers’ hopes at the series were all but over. While many counted them out as contestants for the series, from Game Five onwards the team made a push and eventually, after Game Six, tied up the league for (3-3). Following this, fans were treated to a real heater of a game on Sunday night as the victor would be advancing into the World Series. 

While Atlanta was still favored to win Sunday night’s game, the Dodgers were able to steal a quick victory at 4-3. Per usual, the Braves started off strong early in the game, putting two runs up on the scoreboard in just the first two innings. However, the Dodgers responded with two runs in the third inning and prevented the Braves from putting any more points on the board. Atlanta still bounced back in the fourth inning with a one-run lead on the Dodgers and the game remained stagnant until the sixth inning, when they tied up the game and began to keep the Braves shutout from putting any more runs on the board. 

In the seventh inning, Cody Bellinger stepped up to the plate for the Dodgers and belted a solo home run (his third for the postseason) which put the team in the lead for a trip to the World Series. 

With two innings to go, the Dodgers locked down the game on the defensive end, held out, and were able to secure their spot in the World Series this year. 


Brendan W. Clark '21 is the current Editor-in-Chief of the Trinity Tripod, Trinity College's student newspaper.

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