Gabby Young ’22: A Fierce Leader and Fearless Goalie

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Lily Ives ’23

Sports Editor

When you’re a goalie in lacrosse, some people might think you’re a little crazy for choosing this tough position to play on the field. Facing a nasty solid rubber ball ripping toward you, that leaves bruises, marks, and dents on your body, is simply the reality of being in net on the lacrosse field. Yes, it does take a person with a little slice of little crazy in their make-up, to be a standout lacrosse goalie. It also takes courage, skill, and leadership, and that’s the perfect definition of Gabby Young, senior lacrosse goalie and co-captain for the Trinity Women’s Lacrosse team.  

Spring athletes graduating in the class of 2022 have had nearly half of their college sports careers ripped away from them due to the pandemic. Though the 2022 class has been forced to grapple with this harsh reality, they are also the only active class of athletes who have experienced a normal “pre-COVID” season. Outside of today’s Trinity seniors, all classes below them have only experienced spring athletics through the lens of COVID restrictions, and this affords seniors, like Gabby Young, a unique vantage point to lead as a captain. One can see that come to life as Gabby excitedly shares the team mottos for this season for the Trinity lacrosse seniors, “All In” and “The Last Dance.”  

The Tripod interviewed Gabby Young about her season and lacrosse career here with  the Trinity Women’s Lacrosse team. Young has been a starting keeper since her freshman year and has been a brick wall in net ever since her debut in 2019. According to Young, this spring season is flying by for the 2022 women’s lacrosse squad, but it has already been an incredibly memorable and rewarding season for Young. She shared her feelings for not only how special this season has been so far, but also how incredible the team dynamic is for the Bants. Young discussed the key role the seniors felt they needed to play this year, as she said, “This season has been one of the best in my four years here. This season has been different because the senior class is the only class that has played a full season, which is hard for underclassmen at times, but the leadership of our 11 seniors has helped the rest of the team adjust accordingly.” 

Young goes on to describe the unique dynamic of this 2022 team, “I say this about everyone you come into contact with – parents, teammates, coaches – this is the closest our team has been in years. The seniors felt that this would not only benefit us off the field but would also help strengthen our connections on the field.” Perhaps that’s how Young and the Trinity women’s lacrosse seniors arrived at their team mottos for this year. When Young speaks to the mottos of “All In” and “The Last Dance,” she drives home how they are all about being centered around just how special this group is, as she says, “This is the last time this group of girls are dancing together, and if we go all in this team will succeed.” 

One of Young’s favorite moments of the season took place on Saturday, Apr. 9, when the team faced off against NESCAC (New England Small College Athletic Conference) rival, the Bowdoin College Polar Bears. The Bantams pulled off a great 16-14 win against Bowdoin on a special day at Trinity, as the 2012 Trinity women’s national lacrosse championship team reunited to watch this game and be honored at halftime. “My favorite moment this season was probably having the 2012 national championship team come back to watch us play against Bowdoin. We pulled out the win in a gritty and intense game, and then were able to watch and listen to the 2012 team reminisce on their memories and times at Trinity.” 

Young fills a tough position on the field that frankly not many others have the bravery to take on. With the bruises from the countless shots taken in practices and games covering up Young’s legs, she still manages to lead the strong defensive unit that the Bantams have this year. Young knows she has a critical position to play on the field, seeing practices and games play out in real-time from in front of her net and she makes the most of it, “I feel like my perspective as a goalie is a unique one. I am able to see our attackers every day in practice and give them feedback as well as communicating with the defense. Our defense is able to make adjustments according to how the game is going, which is something that not a lot of other teams can do.” 

With critical regular season games lined-up in the coming weeks, the Bantam women are ready and eager to storm the field, and no doubt fiery sparks of leadership will be coming from in front of the cage again from co-captain Gabby Young. 

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