LA Dodgers Take on Tampa Bay Rays in 2020 Series

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Mateo Vazquez ’21

Sports Editor

This past week has truly been nothing short of spectacular for baseball. The fans have been treated to some very high scoring games and that being said, some great competition out on the field. The opening game last Wednesday definitely set the tone for the series. Tampa Bay came out swinging strong with an early run on the board in the first inning. What  followed can only be described as relentless defense from both sides until Tampa Bay was able to kick up the intensity again at the top of the 4th inning extending their lead to a 3-0 run on the LA Dodgers. While the Dodgers made an attempt at a comeback they were cut short by Tampa who just continued to amp up the intensity of the game and win game one of the series 6-4. However, do not worry if you are a Dodgers fan, as they definitely have bounced back in the series and are currently leading (3-2). However, if there is one game in particular that anyone should look at, it would have to be game 4 of the series. The level of play was spectacular, throughout the entire game and Tampa Bay was just able to walk away with the win at the bottom of the ninth inning. Early on throughout game 4 there was a lot of back and forth action which was just an overall reminder that this series was far from over. From what I got to watch within the first 4 innings alone could be described as nothing short of frantic energy and attempts to keep the game low scoring early on. However, as the night wore on into the 6th inning, it was quite evident that the players were reaching exhaustion. Tampa Bay seized their opportunity and was able to place 3 runs on the board in the 6th inning alone leaving the Dodgers once again short handed for the win. They kept this momentum going into the 9th inning and sealed the game out by just one run. Tampa Bay rookie Randy Arozarena made his impact on game four, and set the MLB postseason record with his ninth home run. The last players to hold the record of 8 postseason home runs are Barry Bonds (2002), Nelson Cruz (2011), and as of game 4 Corey Seager (2020) for the LA Dodgers. Arozarena has demonstrated his worth as a rookie as throughout this season he has consistently made numerous developments on the team and shattered many rookie records. 

There is still a lot left in this series and it is far from over with numerous records being set and risks being taken. Just within game 5 alone, the fans are seeing just how many risks athletes are willing to take to secure the victory. During game 5 Manuel Margot made a very controversial decision to attempt to steal home plate and made an incredible effort but was cut short by just inches. Yet, there is plenty more this action that awaits fans and will surely be a memorable World Series.


Brendan W. Clark '21 is the current Editor-in-Chief of the Trinity Tripod, Trinity College's student newspaper.

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