Men’s and Women’s Tennis Split Wins

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The Trinity College Men’s Tennis team split wins over its four matches during spring break, starting with losses against Bowdoin (9-0) and Sewanee (7-2). However, the men bounced back with victories against Vassar (6-3) and Chapman (5-4).
Against Bowdoin, Aaron Segel ’16 took Kyle Wolfe to three sets, winning the first set, 6-4, before falling in the second set, 6-2. Segel lost the tiebreaker 7-5. The match against Sewanee was more successful for the Bantams. Rutendo Matingo ’17 won his singles match against John Wrinkler, in two sets 7-5 and 6-4. Matingo also did well in doubles with his partner William Boyd ’17, beating Gallimore and Owen 8-4.
Trinity did well against Chapman; Rex Glickman ’18 was a key component in clinching the victory. Glickman beat Panther junior, Sam Mittledorf, 7-6 in the opening set during singles, but he lost 6-3 in the second set. However, Glickman was victorious in the clincher at 6-3. Carlos Ferreyros ’16 and Camden Smith ’16 won their doubles match 8-6, as did Boyd and Matingo. Segel won his single match 6-2 and 6-1, while Boyd was able to win his singles set without conceding a point after recovering from 6-3 loss in the first set.
The Women’s Tennis Team had more success, winning three of their five games over Spring Break. The women beat Kenyon (5-4), lost to Sewanee (9-0), trounced Whitter (9-0), fell to Bowdoin (8-1), and defeated Mount Holyoke in a close match (5-4).
Against Sewanee, Trinity captain Melita Ferjanic ’16 and Vanja Babunski ’18 both won opening sets in singles, but went on to lose the remaining sets. Fortunately, the women blew out Whitter in all six singles matches, with the highlight being Babunski, who conceded only one point in her victory. Babunski also worked with Ferjanic to win their tiebreaker 9-8 and their other sets in doubles (16-2 combined points). The women would only gain one point in their loss to Bowdoin, with Babunski’s victory against Tiffany Cheng being the sole victory for the Bantams.
The Bantams would get their latest victory in a close bout against Mount Holyoke. Ferjanic and Babunski won their doubles match against Ayame Yazawa and Margaux Holloschutz 8-3 for a solid lead, while sophomores Ania Aliev ’18 and Sara Curtis ’18 won their doubles set against Ishita Tibrewal and Madison Rosen 8-4. Mount Holyoke logged victories over Bantam doubles team Zoe Lindbloom ’19 and Jane Weber ’19 and Ferjanic after her injury in singles. Fortunately, Lindbloom’s singles victory would bring the Bantams ahead 2-3. Sara Curtis and Babunski’s singles victories would stretch the lead to 2-5, while Lyon captain Michelle Cai would beat Emily Curits ’18 to cut the lead by one. Wang would beat Aliev in the hard fought last set, but the Bantams went away with the victory.
The men will play again against Amherst at home on Mar. 31, and the women will play again on Apr. 2 against Colby at home.

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