Men’s Baseball Comes Out Hot, Plays Against New England College and Roger Williams University

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Mateo Vasquez ’21

Sports Editor

After 365 days without sports, it is great to say that spring sports are back and better than ever competing out on the fields this weekend. The men’s baseball team, after months of anticipation, finally got a chance to show the NESCAC what it had to bring to competition and dominated the field. They came out with a strong showing on Saturday, Mar. 20, against New England College and won the double-header. In the first game alone they made an amazing showing controlling the field of play. Early on in the game, Trinity was down 3-1, but rallied late in the 6th inning to make a comeback and steal the lead with a 4-1 victory. That, in combination with efforts from Cameron Crowley ’22, did not allow a run and struck out three times over three innings to provide some relief on the field. To say the least, it was a great showing from the team and it is great to see them out on the field in full swing.

Later in the day on Saturday they faced off once again against New England College and gave them a run for their money. After facing off early it is quite evident that the Bantams figured out their play style, however, New England College was still holding on for a chance at a win. With the score tied at 6-6, Vincent Capone ’21 got to the mound and smacked a two run single to break the tie and gain a lead on New England College. However, the game did not end there. Justin Olson ’21 tossed a total of five outs to secure the win and the game ended with a final score of 9-6. We are happy to report that the Bantams have come out strong and are going to be making the most of this season.

They also played another game on the road Sunday against Roger Williams University in Rhode Island. The results there were not quite as good after the double win on Saturday, but nonetheless they put up a good fight. They were trailing in the first few innings after the Hawks got a 3 score lead, but then, in the second inning, Mike Guanci ’22 got the Bantams back in the game with a run. However, in the fifth inning, things took a turn for the worse and the Bantams got their last score of the game. That’s when the Hawks kicked it into high gear and brought home the runs sealing the game at a 4-7 loss for the Bantams.

Later in the day for the second game, the team attempted to rally and gain a much needed win. Rookie Ian Brown ’24 had a great first showing and was able to keep the Hawks off the board into the sixth inning. However, in the seventh inning, the Hawks made a much needed push and were able to secure five runs and take the lead. Trinity responded and made many attempts to push back securing late runs as the innings progressed. Despite Trinity putting runs on the board in the bottom of the eighth, the Hawks secured the game in the 8th inning and held on for the win. The Bantams made a great effort to comeback, but were unable to tie it together at the end to secure the win, leading to another loss of 5-7.

It is still early on in the season, but with the effort that the team demonstrated this early in the season it will be amazing to see where they end up as they prepare to take on Mitchell College this upcoming Saturday, Mar. 27. We wish them the best as they get their season off to an amazing start.

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