Men’s Lacrosse Team Shatters Records in Opening Game Against Castleton University to Start Season

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Anna Bauer ’23

Sports Editors

This past Saturday, Mar. 20, the men’s lacrosse team played Trinity’s first athletic competition since Mar. 11, 2020–and Trinity could not have asked for a better beginning to a brand-new year and season!

Defeating Castleton University 31-2, the team shattered the previous single-game goal record of 23 just halfway through the third quarter. They also set a new record for number of ground balls (59), number of total shots taken (76), and number of players to score in a single game (18).

During the first quarter of the game, 12 goals were scored and on three separate occasions, two goals were scored within a minute. By the halftime mark, Trinity had a 19-1 lead. In the second half, the Bantams scored another 12 points, bringing their win to 31-2. 

This upcoming Tuesday, Mar. 23, at 5 p.m., the Bantams will play again, at home, against Endicott College, so if you can, come out and support your fellow Bantams! 

Michael Regan, a first-year who plays defensive long-stick midfielder, shared this statement about Saturday’s game: “My first game at Trinity was quite one to remember, even though the competition was slim there was still so much excitement about being on the field with my new teammates. Playing with COVID didn’t change much of the game while on the field, but the sidelines were a little different. Wearing a mask while playing is like second nature at this point and doesn’t seem to affect anyone’s ability to play.

Spacing out on the sideline made celebrating goals and plays challenging because you’re not able to interact with your teammates in a close distance manner. I’m really just looking forward to continue to play with the team and for the coaches. With everything going on we’ve been able to adapt and make everything seem normal, and since the team is really starting to become close with each other, I’m very excited to just keep having fun and playing the sport we love.” The Tripod wishes men’s lacrosse all the best this season!

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