Men’s Soccer Loses Difficult Match ECSU Warriors

Mateo Vazquez ’21

Sports Editor

After a strong start to the beginning of the season the men’s soccer team has had a few tough games over the past week. This past Tuesday in particular was quite a shell shock, as they lost 2-0 against Eastern CT. The team had an amazing start to the game putting up strong attacks early on, but were unfortunately unsuccessful and unable to put any numbers up on the board. However, both the Bantams and the Warriors were playing a very defensive style game in which both teams had an immense amount of opportunities to score. There were a few scenarios in which the Bantams would get the ball rolling and make a break down one of the wings, however the shots were never successful. An amazing part of the game that stands out was mid way through the first half, it seemed as if the Warriors had outsmarted the Bantams and had an opportunity to score. However, the play was unique in that the Bantams quickly regrouped and kept their composure, limiting any opportunity for a shot on net. This first half could well be summarized as a battle of the defenses in which both sides maintained a scoreless first half, despite the amount of offensive pressure that came their way. In the second half, however, the tide of the game was slowly changing. Both teams made some adjustments to their lineups and added a new energy to the game. Everett Lyons ’22 got the chance to start the second half off in goal and almost immediately came under fire by the Warriors. Within the first few minutes of the half the Warriors had scattered the Bantams defense leaving Lyons with more pressure. Then within 10 minutes of the start of the second half it happened. The Warriors split the defense and broke through taking advantage of the three on two situation the Warriors slipped a past to their forward. He executed a one tap shot just outside the 18 yard box. Lyons was just a few inches short of blocking the shot and unfortunately it sailed right into the top corner giving the Warriors a one point lead early in the second half. Despite this minor set back the Bantams attempted to rally and attack the Warriors, but unfortunately had come up empty in their attempts. They had many attempts on goal and some well thought out attacks that allowed them to tactically move the ball down the field, yet they were not able to string together a consistent attack that truly tested the Warriors defense. Much of the second half continued similar to the first a defensive game in which the Warriors did their best to maintain the lead. Then with just three minutes left in the second half, the Warriors seized the turnover. Quickly, moving the ball into range of the goal, they took their shot and sealed the lead and the game at 2-0.
Needless to say, this game is a great chance for the team to learn from their mistakes.
These last few games have been great to watch for the intensity that the teams bring. However, they have been falling short in the second half. As the team moves forward and progresses in the season it will be great to see how they are able to clean up their second half act to absolutely destroy the competition. We wish them the best of luck as they proceed to play Connecticut College on Tuesday.

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