Volleyball Hosts Trinity Invitational, Takes 2 of 3

Mateo Vazquez ’21

Sports Editor

In what can be summed up as an amazing weekend for sports, the Trinity College volleyball team lead the charge in a great start for the fall season.
The volleyball team not only was able to set themselves apart from the rest of the competition, but they did so with a sweeping 2-0 and 2-1 victory in the tournament by beating Clark and Westfield State.
While the weekend looked like it was going to be a shaky start with the Bantams losing to Eastern CT by a total of five sets, their luck turned around when the team was able to rally on Saturday.
Over the weekend, the team went out on the court in full force to have a 3-0 total game win over Clark. In that first game alone, the Bantams demonstrated the effectiveness of their defense and how they were able to dominate the court. They consistently had Clark’s defense scrambling to try to return shots.
However, at the end of the day, the Bantams were very calm and collected. They consistently executed their shots to win the game. A standout in the first game was Colette Scheffers ’20 who accounted for 6 of the 25 points. At the end of the first game, she had a total of 14 kills.
In-game one there was also a display of the new freshman talent and their ability to block a majority of Clark’s attempts at points.
Throughout game two, the Bantams made several valiant attempts to seal the game early. Although they did end up winning, in the end, it was a close match with the final score ending at 27 points.
However, throughout the first and second set, it looked as if the team was gaining momentum and creating a large gap between the Bantams and Clark.
The team had multiple aces and a consistent amount of kills early on in the match.
The opposition made a quick attack back that ended up pushing the match into the high scoring game that it became.
Overall, this weekend is a sign of success for the upcoming fall season. It is apparent that the Bantams volleybal team has a lot of potential for the season ahead. Despite some challenges that may arise throughout the fall, they will likely be able to meet the challenge head-on and adapt to any obstacles.
This weekend was already proof of the talent that this team has and if they can put everything together as they have shown that they are capable of doing, this season may just be one of their best ones yet. The competition that they have ahead of them for the rest of the season is quite challenging, however, their victory on the court against Clark is a great predictor of the season that lies ahead.
As they prepare for another difficult game against Western CT on Wednesday, we wish the Bantams the best of luck in upcoming matches.

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