Women’s Soccer Holds Their Own in Opening Games



Even after a loss on Sunday to MIT, the Trinity Women’s Soccer team is optimistic about the season ahead. MIT is ranked 7th in the country and ranked 1st regionally, but the Bantam women held their own, only losing by a score of 2-3. After the game, defender Mia Fusco ’23 commented that the team “played well against a tough opponent. It’s a good step forward as we head into making a statement in the NESCAC.” The team comes off a great start to the season, beating both Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) and Wheaton College. The season opener left both fans and Bantams overjoyed, with the women crushing Wheaton 5-0. With a total of 17 shots on goal, five of those found the back of the net. Captain Caroline Sullivan ’22 had an outstanding game, leading the Bantams with the first two goals. After that, the Bantams took the lead and ran, with three different players scoring goals, two for their first time. Although the Wheaton College goalie made five saves, the Bantams took advantage during the second half and ended the game victorious. The Bantams followed their first win with another positive showing against WPI, coming out on top 2-1. Captains Whitney Hoban ’22 and Colleen Lux ’22 both scored goals early in the match, with WPI making a valiant effort to tie the game in the 73rd minute. Much to the Bantam’s delight, the score stayed 2-1 until the end. This season is the first time since 2013 that the Women’s Soccer team has won the two first games, leaving fans hopeful for the season ahead. The most recent game against MIT comes as the Bantam’s first loss of the season, but players and fans are keeping their heads held high. MIT was dominant, racking up 12 total shots, and giving the Bantam goalies a tough time, forcing them to make four saves throughout the game. With only seven shots, the women were unsuccessful in their attempt to dethrone the regional leaders. However, the Bantams did keep the score within a one-goal margin, proving that they could be a potential threat to other NESCAC teams. With a total of nine goals so far this season, the Bantams are already blowing their 2019 stats out of the water. After a losing season two years ago, with six overall wins (only four of those against NESCAC teams),  the players are ecstatic about the winning start to their season. Forward Hannah Storozuk ’23 gave her insight, saying “We’re off to an excellent start ending the first week with a winning 2-1 record. Our team has an undeniable chemistry and I’m confident we will come out of this season making a big statement. The rest of the NESCAC better watch out.” The team dynamic seems to be positive, as players continuously grow closer after a grueling preseason. Storozuk’s warning to the rest of the NESCAC was echoed by other players, as the women try to squash their losing record in 2019, with, hopefully, a winning record in 2021.

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