Women’s Soccer Scores First Win. Next Stop: Emerson

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Saturday the Women’s soccer team traveled to Clinton, NY to face off against the Hamilton College Continentals. The game turned into an intense back and forth action with both offenses putting pressure on the defense. The Continentals defense was relentless as they shut down many of the offenses drives by the Bantams, and only allowed the Bantams three shots for the entirety of the game. What can be summed up as a largely defensive game came to an end with 19 seconds left when the Continentals forward Cat Gambino got a last-second shot and scored the winning goal and sealing the game at 1-0 for Hamilton.
On Sunday the Bantams had their first home game against WPI and came into the game with a new mentality after Saturday’s tuff fought match. Early on in the game, the Bantams dominated the game offensively keeping continuous pressure on WPI. Cami Beath’21 and rookie Brenna Hoar’22 both had shots on WPI keeper Gabriela Hoops’19 and kept the offensive pressure on goal throughout the first half. Then early on in the second half, the tables turned and Whitney Hoban’21 was able to connect with ball sending a low ball just below the WPI keeper Hoops’19 and put the Bantams at a one-point lead. However, WPI did not take the goal lightly and lashed back with several offensive drives, but with no successs. Then WPI attempted to yet again make a comeback and had a strong offensive drive down the field late in the game but was quickly shutdown by Trinity’s defense and midfield. In the last five minutes of gameplay, WPI was able to make two attempts on goal that almost tied up the game. However, in the last 30 seconds of gameplay, the Katie Marlow-Benedick’20 made a shot that sealed the game at 2-0 for the Bantams and their first win of the season. The next game for the Women’s soccer team is on Wednesday, September 17, 2018, against Emerson College as they look to continue with the momentum from Sundays win.

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