Aleema Kelly ’26 Explores Hip Hop with WRTC Show Afrika @ Work

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Bella Chirkis ’27

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Aleema Kelly ’26 hosts a late night radio show called Afrika @ Work. This show can be found on WRTC 89.3 FM, Trinity’s independent radio show right here in Hartford, Connecticut. When hosting this show, Kelly aims to showcase all different forms of hip hop music as well as deep conversations regarding the hot topics that people are discussing about this form of music and the broader music industry.

The show is hosted by the Temple of Hip Hop, a Trinity organization that aims to bring together hip hop artists, community members and educators around the world for Trinity College’s annual festival. This festival was founded in 2006, and it empowers and honors all of the elements of hip hop. The radio show further emphasizes this mission and implements the goal to bring hip hop culture to Trinity in a fun and engaging way. The radio show goes further than only playing traditional mainstream rap songs, so that listeners are fully immersed in this culture. Some examples of the songs and artists that Kelly features are Li Uzi Vert, Jefe Wicks, Sparkplugfn, Young Nudy and Sharkey. These artists and songs differ during each radio show, diversifying the types of hip hop songs that are being played and listened to. She makes sure that there is a mix of more well-known artists as well as underground ones, so listeners can receive a vast array of music.

One of the main goals of the show is to encourage Trinity students to engage with Temple and learn more about hip hop. The show wants to combat the misconceptions and generalizations that are surrounding the basis of hip hop and what is prioritized on social media. “The most beautiful thing about hip hop to me is how expansive and unlimited it is. There are numerous elements that are guided by principles that everyone at Trinity can engage with in their own way,” Kelly said.

Now that the more structured aspect of the show is over, and Kelly is the only host for the semester, she plays music that she has been liking with a different genre every week. Kelly strongly encouraged and would love for Trinity students to call in or reach out to her in any way if they want to talk more about hip hop and what it means.

This year, the 18th Trinity International Hip Hop Festival will be taking place from April 4-7 on campus. This festival is completely free and open to everyone. Kelly will also be hosting a Headliner Release Party in a couple of weeks as the precursor event to the fest. If any student is interested and wants more information, please reach out to Kelly via email at aleema.kelly@ or DM @trinityhiphop on Instagram.

To tune in to Aleema’s show, visit for the streaming link!
Playing every Monday 10:30 p.m. – 12 a.m.

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