Pakalolo Patrol performs Daytime Gig on Campus

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Student band Pakalolo Patrol performed last Friday at an event planned by and for film students. Rocking out under a brooding sky that threatened rain, the surf-rock inspired band composed of (from photo left) guitarist Susie Martin ’19, drummer Jason McLeod ’19, and bassist James Rodiger ’19.
Up to this point, the band has mostly played late nights at campus venues like Cleo and the Mill, but this show took place at about four o’ clock.
Though the gathering was relatively small, the group was characteristically upbeat and full of energy as they moved through songs like “Drown” and “Surfin’ Yung Man.” Students and faculty alike reacted enthusiastically with head nodding and swift body swaying.
The three musicians are truly gifted in their respective areas, and the music they made was infectious and technically strong. As it drifted from the parking lot space near the campus safety office and onto Vernon Street, several students wandered from their routes in order to join the gathering and watch the band play.
In terms of the impact of arts culture on campus, it is public and relatively impromptu performances such as these that will revitalize the sense of artistic involvement felt on campus. When the Mill and its musical affiliates have opportunities to appear outside the context of Saturday night at their venue, Trinity’s musical consciousness can be deepened. The event was organized by Professor Prakash Younger, with help from students in his department.
The Mill will be hosting an open mic this Saturday Nov. 10, open to both students and alumni. Pakalolo Patrol is set to perform, along with High Noon, another Trinity student band that boasts both covers and original songs. Attendance is expected to be high, and the event will be a weekend highlight.

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