Review: Hartford Coffee Shot Spectra Wired

For a food critic looking for the classic Starbucks-type coffee shop, stumbling upon this local café was a happy accident. Newly-opened Spectra Wired Café is located in the heart of Hartford and is named for its free WiFi and strong coffee. As a self-styled “unique café,” they combine coffee, food, beer and wine. The cozy, modern look of Spectra Wired is inviting to everyone, whether they are simply looking to get work done or to simply relax. The café features local artwork that costumers can enjoy with their drink and food of choice. This spunky place is the perfect attraction for Hartford locals and visitors.
A dreary and cold Sunday morning in Hartford is perfect for trying a warm drink and a tasty breakfast. Their menu has a plethora of options featuring everything from coffee to smoothies to paninis so I spent some time deciding what I wanted to try. The Chai Tea Latte, $3.75 for a 16oz, was the perfect mix of creamy, spicy and refreshing. I also noticed a “matcha green tea” which is a popular drink amongst Trinity girls at Starbucks. I paired my Latte with an Egg and Cheese (choice of bacon, ham, or sausage) on an everything bagel. This was a breakfast sandwich I will never forget, the eggs were scrambled perfectly, and the cheese had melted onto the bagel. Some breakfast sandwiches are tough to eat because the bagel is toasted too dark causing it to crumble but this bagel was soft and chewy.
Spectra Wired, located on the corner of Kinsley and Columbus avenue, serves renowned coffee and fresh pastries, bagels and sandwiches everyday, and it is obvious from the taste of their menu that their ingredients are freshly prepared.
This trendy spot combines delicious food and well-prepared drinks with a retro space, perfect for hanging out, alone or with friends, getting work done or dropping in for a quick treat. Hartford will benefit from this cozy, downtown space. The breakfast sandwich and Chai Tea Latte were a perfect pair for the chilly weather, but their extensive menu allows for so many more options depending on what will satisfy your taste buds.
Take a break from Level 3 cubbies and “Eat. Drink. Connect. Get Wired” at Spectra Wired. You’ll feel refreshed, relaxed and well caffeinated.

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