Letter to the Liepod Editor: Why Are You Always Picking on Rich Kids? They Allow You to Go Here

Dear Liepod Editors:

(Liepod Editors (LE) here: thanks for reaching out to us, please take my comments as the formal response.)

Why are you always picking on rich kids? They are the one’s paying tuition so you can join them at this “little ivy.” 

(LE: Rich parents love to use this term to persuade people that their child is actually smart enough to go to any ivy; well, Mrs. Nantucket, your son is not. He failed QLit.)

You parade in here with your scholarship. We know what that means: financial aid *shivers with disgust.*

(LE: Love that you don’t know the difference between financial aid and scholarship. Guess that’s because junior financier here didn’t get an offer letter.)

And don’t even start with that “your child didn’t get an offer letter,” (LE: dammit, they’re on to us) my son went to Juniors for years and didn’t receive an offer letter; it’s because we aren’t poor enough.

(LE: Phew. Listen here ‘cause I am only saying this once. If your child goes to Juniors to then enter college at 21 and play at a D3 school, they suck at hockey.)

I’m tired of being labeled as privileged for having money. My daddy helped build this country, and my son should not be chastised for that. 

(LE: Yep, I’m sure he built it.)

My son calls me every night upset about the food on campus. He has to adjust to whatever that monstrosity you call food is. He is sick every night.

(LE: Yep, I’m sure he’s sick because of food and definitely not the copious amounts of inhaled alcohol.)

Adjusting to college life is hard for my son, he’s not used to this life. I mean laundry?!? I haven’t touched that stuff in years. Good thing his private driver is available to take it to a nice cleaning place.

(LE: I’ve seen too many of those private drivers in Mather circle. If you are that rich, just buy new clothes, stop taking up space in the semi-circle!)

Pair that with the torrents of hate this publication puts on his weak—but so broad sweetie!!—shoulders, and his 1.5 gpa last semester is explained.

(LE: Jeez, maybe he should switch to Business Administration)

I mean he does have a pretty hard major considering he wants to take over his grandaddies firm. Once I heard about the Buisness Admin decision, I was ecstatic.

(LE: No amount of tutoring can save him. Wait, how much did you spend on his private high school education?)

My son went to one of the best boarding schools in the country. Where did you go, like a public school?

(LE: I will never forget the shock on a fellow Trinity student’s face when I said I went to a public school for high school, but it doesn’t match the shock of when I heard how much private boarding school costs.)

My son is impressive and you should be happy that families like ours allow you to go to school here. Stop pestering the rich. We are the marginalized group of higher education!

From, Concerned Parent and Generous Donator to the College

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