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During a community-wide assembly on April 3, 2023, President Berger-Sweeney announced that all Trinity students will be required to follow a dress code starting at the beginning of the fall 2023 semester. The new dress code will significantly restrict the current fashion trends on Trinity’s campus. However, the decision was made with widespread support from the Student Government Association, the Board of Trustees, and Greek Life. The tally was eighteen votes against the new code with two-hundred and thirty in favor. Administrators brought forward this new part of the Trinity Student Code of Conduct because they feel that the Trinity student body has fallen into a dull fashion culture. Professors are bored of seeing the same bantam-stamped sports gear and overpriced matching athleisure sets in their classrooms everyday. As President Berger-Sweeney announced in her address to the student body on Monday, “This is the administration’s way of spicing things up here at Trinity.”

Chad Clark ’24, President of the Greek Life committee, expressed his excitement at the announcement, “I’m looking forward to having this new rule as a way to bring the campus together.” However, Chad’s excitement lessened when the Tripod reporter conducting the interview informed him that the new dress code ruled that students could no longer wear the same Trinity Athletics t-shirt and sweatpants to class every day. The new rule additionally bans Canada Goose jackets and Lululemon apparel, which comes at the disappointment of students from Greenwich, Westchester, and “just outside of Boston.” Olivia Williams ’25, an Ivy sister who summers at her family’s Cape Cod home each year, responded to the news with a fearful glisten in her eyes, “How do they expect to institute this? I don’t have anything else to wear. JBS will be hearing from my father’s firm.”  

An additional clause was included to prevent students from wearing open-toed shoes, such as flip-flops and sandals, from the month of October through April. The rule was added specially by Dean Trevor, who delivered a passionate address during the hearing for this new dress code, “I am sick and tired of seeing these kids walking around with flip-flops on this campus when it’s thirty degrees outside. I shouldn’t be seeing anyone’s feet when it’s raining outside. Put some socks on.” His statement was met with thundering applause from both faculty and students.

While the new standards were met with widespread support from the majority of the Trinity community, those who are particularly fond of these banned fashion trends have come together against these changes. A new group called the Trinity Students for Mediocre Clothing is holding a march across campus on Thursday afternoon to protest the administration’s censorship of their fashion choices. However, if past student movements and protests are much to go by, the only response Trinity Students for Mediocre Clothing will receive from administration is a campus-wide email saying, “Aw, sorry you feel that way, but there’s nothing we can really do to change it!” At this point, the best thing these students can do is ask their parents to prepare for a back-to-school shopping spree on Fifth Avenue this August.

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