Liepod: Lil Pump’s Genius Lyricism and Its Impact on Music

Heeb ’25

Music Production Manager

In 2016, Gazzy García, professionally known as Lil Pump, is one of the most prominent prevailing American artists from the SoundCloud Rap scene. Growing up in Miami, Florida, Pump’s interest in music began with writing and producing all of his music, all starting at the baffling young age of 13 years old. Over the years Pump has become a prominent figure in both rap and social media communities. Youtube and SoundCloud became his preferred platforms to post on and began gaining popularity on. 

In 2016 one of the most prominent prevailing American artists from the SoundCloud Rap scene, Lil Pump, made his debut. Releasing his single “Lil Pump,” this viral sensation paved the way for his future success. His early lyrical brilliance and foreshadowing of future success can even be viewed in his lyrics. “Lil Pump, ooh, Lil Pump, yah, Lil Pump, ooh. Damn, Lil Pump, yeah, you be flexin’. God told me Lil Pump a blessin’ (You a blessin’).” Pump always believed in himself and faithfully listened to what God has told him, “Pastor told me, ‘Boy, you off the purp’ (God damn).” Pump references his drug use with “purple drank” or “lean,” which is a combination of codeine, promethazine, and soda. Pump mentions a pastor advising him to cease using the substance, indicating that he is aware of the detrimental effects it may have on his health and well-being. Listeners can view how Pump has turned to the Catholic church in efforts to decrease and hopefully stop his drug usage. Pump lyrics speak to the importance of abstinence and sobriety. The Pope has even told Lil Pump that Jesus came to him in prayer and was getting biblical listening to “ESSKEETIT.” Not only has Pump referenced his come-up, but he even subtly alludes to his extensive knowledge of automobiles, “Pull up to the scene, skrrt off in a Lambo (Skrrt, skrrt, skrrt).” 

His hits didn’t stop there. Later in 2016, “Feel Like Ouu” was released. In “Feel Like Ouu,” “Left four bands in the trap (Four).” (Slang for $1,000 is a “band.”) Pump may have meant to leave $4000 in the trap for his friends to use, spend $4000 on drugs or other items purchased in the trap, or he may have simply forgotten his $4000 in the trap and not cared. After all, $4000 is nothing in comparison to what Pump makes on average, “Made a couple bands in the kitchen (Kitchen).” Pump asserts that he can cook up narcotics like crack cocaine, which he then sells to make considerable amounts of money. This has earned him the honorable occupation of a street pharmacist. “Walk in the club and I flex like ouu” is repeated six times and “Pull up swerving in a coupe” is repeated 8 times in a 1:49-second song. Pump places an emphasis on his own success and shows the importance of self-respect and individuality, “Diamond on my wrist and it looks like glue,” and “Maison Margiela all over my shoe.” Advancing the notion that success can be attained through perseverance and dedication, Pump exemplifies how these efforts can attain respective financial security, but come at the cost of always being the center of attention because of his good looks and stylishness, “All they do is stare, ouu. Lil Pump really don’t care, no.” 

This all led to his future signing with Warner Bros. Records in 2017. This signing launched him into the mainstream, establishing him as a major force in the music industry. “Gucci Gang” was released on August 31, 2017, and became a sensation. With over 1.9 billion streams, “Gucci Gang” peaked at number three on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart and earned multiple platinum certifications from the RIAA. “Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang,” being repeated skillfully 139 times, Pump’s pioneering lyrism trumped him as one of the most revered and recognized artists. “Bxxch, your breath smell like some cigarettes (Cigarettes)”: One of the most prevalent causes of bad breath and mouth cancer comes from smoking. This girl’s breath is so bad that it would mimic that of a (heavy) smoker. Pump takes a stand verbally denouncing cigarettes and supports anti-smoking advocacy. “Bought some Red Bottoms, cost hella G’s (Huh?)”: Pump yet again exhibits his niche knowledge of fashion and economics. Pump pays homage to the fashion designer Christian Louboutin in “Gucci Gang” by specifying his ability to spend “hella G’s,” commonly known as thousands of dollars, on “Red bottoms” or luxury shoes with red-lacquered soles. 

Despite much of the criticism which Pump receives, his fans see him as a symbol of self-expressionism, creativity, and lyrism, and as a fashion icon. Pump’s masterful usage of social media in the music industry has allowed for his claim to fame and overwhelming success. Lil Pump often raps about his own success and ambition, promoting the idea that hard work, dedication, and self-respect can in turn change your life for the better. Like Pump anyone could achieve their goals, no matter what they are.

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