Liepod: TNDR 101: Mastering the Trinity-Bro Tinder Profile

Magaly Medina ’25

Tinder Connoisseur

Title: Mastering the Trinity-Bro Tinder Profile

Department: (TNDR) Tinder

Career: Undergraduate

Instructor’s Permission Required: Yes

Grading Basis: Regular

Units: -1.00

Enrollment limited to: Cisgender white men

Start date: Wednesday, January 25, 2023

End date: Friday, May 12, 2023 (or whenever your profile gets reported/deleted)

Mode of Instruction: In Person

Schedule: WRF: 6:30PM-8:00PM, S: 9:00PM-00:00AM, Koeppel Community Sports Center

Prerequisite(s): Average ability in a sport of choice, unsupported self-confidence, light-hearted misogyny. A grade of C- or better in 2014 Vine Culture

Distribution Requirement: Meets no one’s standards

Note: Having a successful academic performance in the course does not necessarily guarantee social and/or romantic success via the Tinder App™

Course Description:

Swipe right on the chance to elevate your game and delve deep into the cultural and sociological phenomenon that is the most prominent Tinder presence on campus, also known as the Trinity-Bro. Join this exclusive group of students and seize the chance not only to investigate the emergence of this sub-genre of male personage, but learn how to become one yourself. The class includes interactive lectures, seminars, panels, visits from outside speakers, and several field trips to help you build your own Trinity-Bro Tinder Profile and kickstart your dating app experience.

Breakdown of Final Grades

  • Participation: 15%
  • Photography: 25%
  • Meme Culture Oral Examination: 20%
  • Hook-Up Culture Multiple Choice Exam: 20%
  • Pick-Up Lines Presentation: 15%
  • Final Paper on Feminism: 5%

Course Schedule

This schedule is tentative and will depend on the performance and consequent success or failure of the course participants on the Tinder App™.

  • Week 1. Introduction to the Course
    • “Pick ya’ chicks”
    • Hyping yourself up: Be your biggest fan
  • Week 2. Why you shouldn’t be ashamed of your toxic masculinity
    • What even IS self-examination?: An honest discussion
  • Week 3. Introduction to Meme Culture
    • The rebirth of 2010s dank
    • Appreciating doomer
  • Week 4. Meme Culture (continued)
    • The role of memes in Tinder texting
    • *Meme Culture Oral Examination*
  • Week 5. Creating your Tinder Profile
    • Writing a good bio for beginners
    • Field Trip 1: Getting our heights measured
  • Week 6. Creating your Tinder Profile (continued)
    • Emoji dos and don’ts
    • Mandatory Lecture: “The Eggplant Emoji: A Psychosexual Nightmare”
  • Week 7. Creating your Tinder Profile: Photography
    • Understanding the Trinity-Bro aesthetic
    • Field Trip 2: Emblematic blank-stare-convenience-store-Snapchat-selfie
  • Week 8. Photography (continued)
    • Field Trip 3: Seemingly-unsuspecting-concentrated-sportsman-in-his-element photoshoot
      • Extra Credit for Hockey players
      • Extra Credit for Trinity College registered athletes
    • Field Trip 4: Fraternity house party bro-embrace portrait photoshoot
  • Spring Break
  • Week 9. Swiping week (no classes)
  • Week 10. On Women
    • In-class Socratic dialogue: What do women want?
    • Mandatory Panel: “Ask a Taken Man → What do women look for in a relationship?”
  • Week 11. Exams
    • *Hook-Up Culture Multiple Choice Exam
  • Week 12. Swiping week (no classes)
  • Week 13. Presentations
    • *Pick-Up Lines Presentations*
  • Week 14. Results week (one-on-one meetings)
  • Finals Week
    • *Final Papers on Feminism due at 5:00pm on Thursday, May 11*

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